Another upcoming Photoshop feature: Image Deblurring

In addition to PatchMatch from last week, here is another sneak peak at the Image Deblurring Photoshop feature demoed at the Adobe MAX 2011 event.

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  • ivo

    “first I load some preselected parameters…”, my ass… he just loaded the inverse blur function (deconvolution matrix) of the artificially blurred image he just showed… (applause)

    • chris

      “my ass” my ass : P

      thats probably what you thought back than when they showed the content aware fill and contend aware scaling : P

      get ready to eats your words when the next photoshop come out..

  • Vince

    Damn, I guess the next version of CS I’ll actually have to buy. Glad I almost never delete an image – I’ve got a few super killer not-quite-sharp-enough images to make it worthwhile!!

  • enhance……. enhance….. enhance…

  • nau

    2 bad its pretty much impossible to see what actually happened

    they should post photo before and after in full rez

  • asdasd

    what a life saver for 113% of photographers

  • Jodi

    You know that mind I once had?

    Poof. Gone.

  • jarda

    Great, finally something for Nikon users!

    • Low

      I’m sure you meant to say canon folk ;-). Well documented.

  • can’t see it

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