Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera looks like a DSLR with the optional battery grip

This is how the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera will look with the optional battery grip:

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  • Harold Ellis

    now it makes even more sense lol

  • ATK

    Nooooo Whyyyyyy Olympus Whyyyyyyyy

    • St.

      It’s ugly like hell….!!!!

      • Dummy00001

        No camera with two optional grips attached (*) would look nice. IMO tool shouldn’t look nice.

        (*) From the rear picture one can see two attachments: first one is apparently optional grip, second – battery grip.

  • Eric


  • Kevin

    How unexciting. I was hoping for some retro class, but its really ugly

  • Gábor

    Just how long have I been dreaming of a digital camera to look like this !!!
    Now, if Nikon haven’t got to its senses to make a digital FM2, at last Olympus did it with the OM-D!

    Gorgeous! Thank you!

    • MJr

      Well it isn’t full-frame yet, but we’re getting somewhere now 😉

    • Dave

      Any one of Nikons current cameras far outperform the FM2 (my first ‘new’ camera after shooting Nikon F’s through college). Why would you want looks over performance? This is fluff to sell products to people easily distracted by shiny objects.

  • FX DX

    All the qualities of DSLR with smaller sensor. Why not just buy a DSLR? Unless this camera has some specific niche (e.g. GH2 for video), I think it will not do very well.

    • MJr

      First of all because it, and its lenses, are not dslr sized:

      • MJr

        Not even if you compare it with a piece of crap plastic entry-level one, but surely the true comparison is with a weather-sealed one. No one forces you to care about any of that tho, and that makes the opinions here so diverse.

        • My wife got hit by a sneaker wave and wound up in the Pacific Ocean with her E3 totally submerged. Came out fine. Didn’t miss a beat.

  • NuReality

    How much MORE retro can you get than a circa-1979 Motor Drive design? I think this is the most “retro” SLR look to come along in the last decade.

    • Elmo

      I thought the same, just beautiful design

      • Geo

        “beautiful design”….. why does it need the hump/stargate goa’uld mothership in the middle. The viewfinder is not that high and the hot shoe has no point of being ho high up. Bad design decision to put that pyramid just to make it look like an old slr…
        Maybe it is a flash light in that mothership else it’s ugly and useless….. but very very beautiful design

        • cab10886

          The hump houses the EVF electronics and the AP2 (Accessory Port) that must be placed right under the hotshoe.

  • Jwaine

    I had high hopes for this camera… but olympus isn’t fuji. Retro in all the wrong ways.

  • Olympus competes with Pentax for the most ugly cam on Earth prize?

  • Peter

    PR Admin, the camera does not look like a dslr with a grip, if you take a closer look both the vertical and the horizontal grip (!) are add-ons.

    The camrea looks like all the other PEN-s just with “pentaprism” hump.

    • CR

      Agree, with useless m43 at larger size.
      might get yourself a normal pen instead.

    • Yes, it looks like a DSLR with the optional grip.

  • EE

    Bravo Olympus.

    Very Nikon F3 inspired; I for one like the design and wish there were DSLR-esque grips like this available for the other mirrorless camera’s such as the NEX.

    Grips that square the body shape allows the camera to hang easier around the body–and handle better in general.

    Now lets see the specs, will it be compelling?

    • AXV

      Yes, it looks like a digital F3 with MD-4 motor drive I love it!

  • R!

    This is a lot better than a V1!!!!!!!!I might wait the rebate….and stabilize all my AIS and R lenses,people are just not smart….very good product to me!!!!

  • Frog

    It looks handsome. I guess it is for the boys and the Pen is for the girls.

    It is not big, compared to a good DSLR. The sensor size is a good size, for 99% and more of shots. If you want a nice big sensor get a S2 or if you behind on your payments get a used D3. When you are thinking of size think of the hole kit size. What mFT needs is better tracking focus, there are rumors that this will do that. I do not think it will, maybe someday then they will have my money. Tracking focus is important to me.

    • From the reactions, I guess we now know who has more estrogen in their blood stream than testosterone. LOL

      I think it’s sexy.

      I just can’t abide Olympus controls and art filters. If Fuji, Nikon, Ricoh or Canon had made it, I’d be placing my pre order now.

  • Don Pope

    Now this is a beautiful camera!
    I hope the $1,100-1,200 price includes a lens.

  • peter

    now all we need is a…

    Nikon FM-D
    Canon AE – D or Canonet D

    • Gábor

      Totally agree on the Nikon FM-D. Nikon, please!!!

  • Rock

    The lens in first pic looks shopped’?

    Battery grip looks really ugly, also never noticed the large hump on the VF. Still with a small lens like a fifty this is still a great looking camera!

  • fede

    The lens in first pic looks clearly shopped

  • bob2

    Silly, yet desperate…. Funny, Olympus got rid of the pentaprism hump by going mirrorless, only to add it back for styling reasons. Why not just buy an e-620 or E-5 instead then, which at least provide better AF and an optical viewfinder.

    • traveller


      Not only have they included a ‘pentaprism hump’ for the EVF, but it also looks like they’ve added a lot of unnecesary plastic on top for cosmetic reasons! Maybe I’m wrong, it could be a cleverly concealed pop-up flash…

  • SWEET!!!!

  • pointshooter

    Is the camera a 4/3 or a m4/3, if 4/3 it would be more interresting for me.

    • Ke

      M4/3 – but may auto-focus 4/3 glass apparently.

  • Art K.

    Hmm, I dunno… I’m all for angular 80’s style cameras, but this one reminds me of that uber ugly first Minolta AF SLR. And this looks more like a FILM camera than a DSLR. Olympus had a great design with the E-1, why copy a film camera shape now? Hope it feels better than it looks.

    • Roeder

      My thoughts exactly, it looks like a Minolta Maxxum but with less ergonomic styling.

      Olympus should shut their doors.

  • Roeder

    And…why are there two locking screws for the grip?

    • vam

      Because they’re two different grips. The first is a dsr-like horizontal grip and the second is the vertical grip.

    • sartinsauce

      There are two lock wheels because there are two grips (and therefore two accessories for Olympus to sell) here.

      Notice in the first photo that there are three different shutter release buttons? In the second photo, it appears that the bottom of the camera is pretty much the bottom of the LCD; everything below the LCD is part of either the horizontal (first lock wheel) or vertical (second lick wheel) grip accessory.

      When I squint hard and use my imagination, I can almost see the camera without any attachments. I think that “naked” this camera will be quite svelt and handsome.

  • Rajeev

    The first locking screw appears to be for the handgrip and baseplate. the second locking screw is probably for the portrait grip — which means there will be two components.

    I also feel that the pentaprism “hump” may conceal a popup flash of some sort.

  • pdc

    A very compelling camera for the enthusiast, especially given the good and growing m43 lens lineup.
    Canon will really have to work hard on refining the design of their MILC successor to the G1X, and Panasonic have a challenge to improve the build quality and accessory offerings for the GH3.
    Nice work Olympus.

  • HSL

    The traditional penta-prism hub for the hotshoe look like a removable module by pressing the triangular button just on top of the right hand corner of the EVF! LOL! Possible for future accessories such as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS module? LOL!

  • spence

    I’m not quite sure I understand the logic at work behind this camera….it basically takes all the positive attributes of a 4/3 mirrorless camera and dumps them in the trash (size, weight, etc), yet keeps the worse attribute 4/3 size sensor. Why not just buy an APS-C DSLR and be done with it?

    • Ke

      It’s a lot smaller than what you may be thinking (especially once you ditch the grips). Weight will be massively different too.

  • amien

    COOL – I like it.

    Nowhere near as UGLY as the new Pentax-Holga. I like 43, close to square, same dimensions as 67, perfect for prints. Stabilization is included with OLY and lenses are tack sharp. I don’t get the reason for the GRIP though, but some will like it, so why not ???

  • amien

    PS : The SCREEN looks HUGE !!!

    • bob2

      That’s what she said!!!!

      And then she pulled back the screen, and her face turned to disappointment….

  • Ken Elliott

    The thing we loved about “system” cameras like the Nikon F4, was you could deck them out with motor drives, huge film packs, etc. Yet, if you needed to go light, you could strip it down. This is a modern version of that concept.

    If you have big lenses, you want big grips. Strip it down and put a pancake lens on it and you’ve got a nice street camera.

    Well played, Olympus.

  • Pikemann Urge

    The lens in first pic looks shopped’?

    I don’t think it’s in the shops yet. But I do think that the lens looks composited into the image. Probably with Adobe Photoshop, but who knows what applications people use these days. It could have been Pixelmator or PaintShop Pro or even Shake or Flame.

  • Dave

    I will have a long look at this camera. Olympus has a good history of selling high quality relatively cheap underwater housings for their cameras. It would be a big step up from my xz-1 which I currently use for underwater photos and likely much cheaper than the equivalent panasonic or sony.

  • Zeusman

    Hard to judge size without something we know for reference. Definitely NOT as ugly as the new Pentax. Could be a bit more retro, Fuji seems to own that crown now. But I think it looks good. Real question is what is it bringing to the game?

  • Robert Falconer

    I LOVE the OM-1 and OM-2, but this ain’t them. White elephant, IMO. Would much rather have the Fuji X100 – slightly smaller and with an APS-C sensor, MUCH better image quality.

    Or, by the time you add on all that grip stuff (why make a m4/3 camera BIGGER, pray tell?) and the concomitant expense, just go for the Fuji X-Pro 1, which will produce vastly better image quality.

    • bob2

      +1. Very well said.

  • I’m going to buy the Fuji X Pro1 but I am just as excited for this camera.

  • Mat

    Im really diggin this design… great work Olympus!

  • 4B12BRO

    This camera is beautiful, really liking the silver one

    No matter what Olympus does fanboys will always hate
    Who cares if its not aps-c and I cant shoot at ISO 12800, when do I need it anyways 1% of shots. The camera is 425g with battery and memory card. If you’re not happy go buy a non-weather sealed Fuji that weighs 451g

    • spence

      sounds like you’re the only fanboy here.

  • Camaman

    Wow the silver ne really looks great! 🙂
    The hump does appear a bit to pointy, though. Mayebe there are still surprises with it.

  • Michael

    Ugly – beautiful – ugly – but gosh it brings back good memories.

  • H2Osoluble

    the body is the same size as the e-P1-2-3’s although it may even be a bit thinner when you note the lens plinth up front. The EVF “hump” is smaller than an added PEN EVF [I love the rumour that this one may be removable as well?] That would be a great design win, an intergral/removable EVF?!

    The added battery grips [x2] are just that, accessories. Shown too is the new 12-50mm zuiko zoom, which is a cine lens by design. All the add-ons visually bloat the core camera which when matched to a small prime [Zuiko 12mm, Leica M, Zeiss ZM] is how most will see such a great new tool. As much as the e-P PENs are tributes to the film model PEN FT the OM-D is tribute to the OM4, the last OM … nothing like blending nostalgia into a leap forward.

    I would love to hear that the EVF is beyond all other EVFs available now. (Tye-in to Epson’s new technology in LCD?) As to a small, MFT lens mount, you can use any Legacy from RF to SLR as well as Legacy Zuiko OM glass, even Digital 4:3 [legacy] KUDOS!!

  • emopunk

    OMG so fucking ugly!!! Olympus suicide here!!

  • Why? Why Olympus can’t make a beautiful camera?? 😛

  • bob

    classic lines…

    but my E600 with the grip and 12-60,50-200 swd still looks great…after all those years

    shame that olympus doesnt have much support to 4/3 anymore.

  • MB

    So Oly did it again.
    Something that looks like DSLR, is as big as DSLR, as expensive as DSLR but with smaller sensor and inferior in every way that counts (IQ, viewfinder, AF speed …)

  • Idiots

    This is nowhere near as big as a dslr you fuckin morons. The screen is 3″ which makes the whole camera without grip no bigger than a 4″ smartphone. A smart person would pick this system before Nikon one and their 2.7 crop factor any day of the week. And while you talk about ugly dslr, Nikon V1 is one butt ugly cam. Apparently you never compared EP3 IQ with Nikon D7000 or you would have seen that up to ISO 800 the EP3 has better IQ

    • MJr

      I agree up until the last sentence where you claim that the ep-3 has better iq than the d7000 up to iso800. What the hell crap claim is that, for so many reasons. You are just as much an idiot as everyone else.

      • Idiots

        Go to Imaging Resource or DPReview compare JPEG see for yourself !
        From ISO 800 up D7000 has better IQ
        D7000 is a pretty darn good dslr not taking anything away from that but just saying that up to ISO 800 what Olympus has done with an old 4/3 sensor (AA filter JPEG engine) is amazing and make IQ on par with APS counterpart. Too much fanboyism clouding peoples judgement on this site.
        Ohh by the way I own both Oly and Nikon gear

    • H2Osoluble

      Anyone who owns an e-P1 – 2 or 3 should see the dimensions of this camera immediately. (Check out the non-add-on photos linked upthread] It’s a very small package. The new Fuji X-1Pro is massive by comparison, the general trend of any technology is to minaturise. Olympus understands this better than Canikon who are really stuck in the 1980s when it comes to camera design. Olympus can salute a retro design, while making the new product cutting edge. It’s good to see; Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax stirring up the status quo.

  • NoBull

    I love it! I’ve been waiting for something like this to come around. I have a minolta x-700 and have always wanted to see a digital version of it. It was always so much fun to use. I would have gone the sony nex7 if it werent for the damn 24mpx sensor (Not even god needs that many :P).

    If the battery life is good and the image quality is as well, I think I will save my pennies for this machine.

  • mahler

    No onboard flash? There go half the potential sales.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I find the design of new Pentax K-01 quite toyish, and Olympus OMD and Fuji Pro 1 quite pleasing to the eye. Functionality? That remains to be seen.

    As a person with investment into M mount glass I am looking for a better solution than M9 (love design of M9, would like to see “live” focusing aid for all those focus shifting lenses and increased ISO and dynamic range). Ricoh GXR with A12 M mount comes close but only live view solution presents its own challenges. I feel hybrid system would work the best. Until then the limited tools will have to do.

  • Ian Appleford

    Don’t buy one of these. And don’t trust Olympus. I was one of the thousands that bought into the OM system in the 1980s. Olympus let down every user of that system in my opinion. Lenses that were promised were never made. My OM 4, along with many, many others, could use 3 sets of batteries within a day, and Olympus wouldn’t accept there was a fault. The system wasn’t supported as a system with pro aspirations should have been – and then they just dropped it, sending values plummeting. They did the same with 35mm compacts and APS a few years later. And now look at the mis-management within the company that threatens their very existence. I also imagine this new model heralds another new lens mount? Don’t buy into it – if you do, on their track record, it probably won’t be developed and in a few years, Olympus will get bored and move into something else. I agree with some of your contributors about making digital versions of classic 35mm cameras – where they got the function right. Leica have done so with the M8 & M9, Fuji are following their example. Best 35mm camera shape ever? As someone who’s owned an M6, an FM and an F2 – the Contax RTS2. Best to hold and inspiring to use.

    • Art K.

      – got to agree about Contax. Man, those were beautiful cameras! (+ Carl Zeiss lenses)
      Too bad it’s gone now. Still, Olympus is not as bad as You describe, their lens lineup is very nice. Probably there will be an adapter for the new mount.

      • bob2

        I’m with Ian. Olympus consistently made huge claims, and failed to deliver. Lenses on 43 that never materialized. Pro aspirations, but without any type of pro support. Noisy and poor performing sensors, without any size advantage. Then, abandonment of the 43 system for m43, the “new” standard. Now Olympus simply iterates essentially the same camera using the same old sensor but with slightly different processing, calling each new baby step “revolutionary” or some other ostentatious stuff like that.

        Just try to unload 43 lens for any kind of value–it’s a blood bath. With my Nikon lenses, I can get reasonable used prices on them. Not so with another dead-end from Olympus.

  • Kevin

    looks pretty ugly, but IMO better looking than the yellow K-01

    seems like olympus is trying to enter the low end dslr market rather than filling up the high end compacts line up (unlike fuji). they better price this right or it’s gonna fail hard….

    • I don’t know why so many people in these comments want to compare the K-01 to the OM-5. The K-01 is clearly not targeting the same customers, will likely be about 1/2 the price (and may end up producing better image quality). Obviously the K-01 was “styled” with intent — some think it looks modern, some think its an abomination. This camera will be somewhat polarizing as well — some love some of its pocket-size retro-SLR looks, some believe that this is done for the sake of style, when the technology allows for more functional designs (like putting the eyepiece on the corner instead of over the lens). I hope it feels better in the hands than it looks — to my eye it looks square and plastic-y in the wrong places though I freely admit that it may end up being nicer than that. Furthermore if this grip improves battery life and handling of larger lenses, that’s the first time someone bothered to address these issues for a CSC, most of which have abysmal battery life and terrible ergonomics for lenses heavier/longer than the kit.

  • Big guy

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a beautiful camera. (Love it)
    Well done Olympus.

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