This is the new Pentax D FA 645 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW lens

This is the Pentax D FA 645 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW lens ($4,999.95). Read more details at

Focal Length

25 mm


Maximum: f/4.0 Minimum: f/32

Camera Mount

Pentax 645

Angle of View @ Infinity


Minimum Focus Distance

1.31' (39.93 cm)

Diaphragm Blades






DOF Scale


Distance Scale




Tripod Collar


Filter Thread

40.5 mm


2.35 lb (1070 g)


Approx. 3.54 x 5.51" (90 x 140 mm)

The smc Pentax D FA 645 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW Lens is possibly the most awesome of any Pentax 645 lens--it has the widest perspective of them all, with a focal length equivalent to 19.5mm in 35mm format when mounted on the 645D (15.5mm when mounted on a Pentax 645 film body).

Besides the beautiful visual effects and enhanced depth of field from this ultra wide-angle, this lens provides the highest standards in construction and design. It has two high-performance aspherical optical elements for exceptional images, advanced lens coatings (including Aero Bright Coating for improved performance in backlight situations and SP (Super Protect) coating to repel dust, water and grease), and anti-reflection materials applied to the interior of the lens barrel. The construction is dustproof and weather-resistant for use in demanding environments--this lens is ready, willing and able to leave the studio and go out on location.

A built-in, pull-out filter holder in its barrel makes it easy to use the included circular polarizing filter for improved image control. An advanced SDM (Supersonic Direct-drive Motor) autofocus mechanism guarantees smooth, quiet autofocus operation (manual-focus operation only when the lens is mounted on the PENTAX 645N or PENTAX 645N II camera body), and a rounded 9-blade diaphragm delivers excellent bokeh in the out-of-focus areas in your images. High-quality aluminum machined parts are used for the lens barrel, hood and cap. A Quick-Shift focus system provides instant switching from auto to manual focusing. The lens hood is built-in, and diaphragm control is fully automatic. Awesome.

Super-High-Resolution, Medium Format Digital SLR Lens
Incorporating two high-performance aspherical optical elements in its optics, this ultra-wide-angle lens provides exceptional images with outstanding brightness levels even at the edges while compensating various aberrations to a minimum. Exclusive lens coatings are applied to optical elements, while anti-reflection materials are applied to the interior of the lens barrel. The results help maximize the potential of the PENTAX 645D medium-format digital SLR camera.
Aero Bright Coating Improves Image Description in Backlight
This lens is treated with PENTAX-original Aero Bright Coating to deliver higher quality images.
Dependable Dustproof and Weather-Resistant Construction
As the newest model of the dependable All Weather (AW) series, the lens features a highly dependable dustproof, weather-resistant construction with 11 special seals to effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and water into the lens interior. Used with the PENTAX 645D camera body, the lens offers a durable, reliable digital imaging that performs superbly in demanding outdoor settings including rain, mist, or locations prone to water splashing or spray.
Mountable Circular Polarizing Filter
The lens features a built-in, pull-out-type filter holder in its barrel. By placing the C-PL (circular polarizing) filter (40.5mm in diameter and included as an exclusive accessory) on this holder, the user can easily rotate the filter to obtain the desired polarizing effect.
Smooth, Quiet SDM Autofocus Operation
Featuring an advanced SDM (Supersonic Direct-drive Motor) autofocus mechanism employing a supersonic motor installed inside the lens barrel, the lens assures smooth, quiet autofocus operation (manual-focus operation only when the lens is mounted on the PENTAX 645N or PENTAX 645N II camera body).
Other Features

-Image circle covering all of the image area of 645-format film SLR cameras -High-quality machined aluminum parts, including the lens barrel, hood and cap -Quick-Shift Focus system for instant switching to manual-focus operation, after the subject is captured in focus by the AF system -Rounded diaphragm to produce a smooth, beautiful "bokeh" (out-of-focus rendition), while minimizing the streaking effect of point light sources -SP (Super Protect) coating applied to the front surface of the lens to effectively repel dust, water and grease

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  • MJr

    Fantastic. 95° that’s slightly wider than 20mm FF equivalent ! I’d love to see how the 645D performs with this lens, and i’d kill to have such a kit 😀

  • What A Beaut

    This is what camera…er, make that, lens lust, is all about. What a spectacular new offering from the venerable camera maker Pentax. I’m with MJr – can’t wait to see how it performs. Pentax would do well to have Kerrick James do a video walkthrough of this lens, perhaps on a location shoot in say either the Canyonlands, Zion National Park or Antelope Canyon?

  • What’s a Pentax?

    $5,000 bones is a lot to shell out for a Sudden Death Motor (SDM) lens.

    Pentax does not make quality products.


    • BP2012

      Please find another hobby to treat your frustrations.

      • Troll of Bifröst

        Please do not feed a low grade troll wannabe.

    • Arn

      SDM is not reliable ?
      Here is a SDM survey by Pentaxforum :

      DA55, DA200, DA300 and DA 18-135 have less than 2% of faulty motors !!
      So SHUT THE F** UP !

    • Harold Ellis

      i dont like pentax but nikon had with their AF-S much more problems on beginning. try to survey 28-70 and 80-200 users. Those were are costly pro lenses.

    • Yes it is a lot more coin that smaller format shooters are accustomed to.

      No doubt your proclamation on Pentax quality is based on your first-hand experience with Pentax medium format products. Crawl back into your hole.

  • Ojojo

    New? Or Deja Vu?

  • Alan

    Innovative thinking on filters (OK, not entirely new, but very practical)

  • traveller

    I love the marking that reads “Front ->”. Is anyone who owns a 645 system really going to be that stupid? !!! 🙂

    • Stu

      Having worked in a camera store I would have to answer with: Yes.

    • It is odd, probably it is intended to match up with a similar sort of marking on the filter holder.

  • AaronL

    This is not new.
    Pentax announced it’s availability a year ago at CP+
    It has been in extremely short supply since then, the BH listing is that old.

    Good luck ever seeing let alone buying one.

  • CHD

    $5000????? Really??? Who do they think they are…Leica..??

    • More apt comparison here is:

      Hasselblad HCD 28/4: street price USD 5,295
      Mamiya 28/2.4: street price USD 4,990

      Even if the new Pentax is offered undiscounted at MSRP of USD 5,000, it’s competitive with these — wider than either, 1/3 stop faster than the Mamiya.

      Pentax’s MF glass has historically been plenty competitive, and the ultra-wide lenses tend to be particularly pricey. Not only do MF lenses require more top-quality materials & labor, but they have only a fraction of the sales volume and are expected to be top, low-compromise performers.

      Also: There’s no Leica S2 lens available at any price with ~20mm-equiv field of view. The widest at this time? 30/2.8, 24mm-equiv. For USD 7,495…and it’s not available yet either. It is my understanding that new S2 lenses have been also been slow to appear on the market.

  • boris

    it’s 2011 year lens. somebody already bought it on 2011 and use this lens…

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