Silver Sony NEX-7 camera?

Silver Sony NEX-7 camera

Silver Sony NEX-7 camera?

This picture of a silver Sony NEX-7 camera was spotted in an Asian brochure. Currently Sony offers only  a black version of their NEX-7 mirroless camera:

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  • hiplnsdrftr

    What we really need is a black version of the 16mm.

  • Kenny Pa

    What we really need is any Nex-7 to start shipping.

  • What we really need are small primes!

    • NEX9

      What we really need is an NEX-9…..whatever that may be. Perhaps a mirrorless version of a wished for D900 or D400, or D8000, or D9000. Basically any DX Nikon with 60 FPS video, and better AF, and perhaps 24 MP, but 16 is perfectly fine too….heck, give us 12MP with native ISO 6400.

  • 3 Ply

    What we really need is 3 ply toilet paper… get rid of all this crap flooding the market. Irrespective of colour.

    • Pine scented. To take away the stench. 😛

  • Kevin

    increase production plzzzzz…….! or nex 9 will come out before i can actually try nex 7 at a store.

  • Art K.

    I love the simple styling of Sony lenses – very Leica-ish.

    • Huh? Are we looking at the same lenses? NEX lenses look nothing like Leica lenses. Splain’ it to me, Art!

  • elbow-x

    1. The silver NEX-7 picture is a fake! There are black(!) reflex-stripes at the lens cover! It’s a negative … :=)

    2. What we (I) need is a successor for my 7 year old (and still working) R1. What’s about a new 24-120 mm (35mm equ.) maybe 2,8-4,0 from Carl Zeiss?

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