Samyang to release a 24mm tilt shift lens in few months

Samyang confirmed on Facebook that in addition to a new 8mm T3.8 VDSLR lens (APS-C), the company will also be releasing a new 24mm tilt/shift lens later this year. This is not really a surprise since Samyang/Rokinon has made several inquires about a potential tilt/shift lens in the past.


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  • I’m going to borrow one and shoot it against my 24mm TSE and keep the best one.

    • Global

      Samyang is doing good stuff — “Rokinon” is a weird co-name though. Wish they’d just settle on Samyang.

      • And Bower, and Vivitar.

        • jorg

          in germany: walimex… makes me want to order one in poland, then quasi originally called samyang.

  • timarts

    cool, I’d be more interested though if they release an 85mm Tilt-Shift macro 🙂

    • wyss

      can’t agree more

    • preston

      There are more specialty architecture shooters where the shift movement is critical than there are specialty macro shooters that find the tilt movement critical. This is why Nikon makes 4 times as many 24mm PC-E lenses as they do 85mm PC-E (see source below). I want everyone to be happy though so I’ll make sure to buy this new 24mm T/S lens so that it is successful and Samyang decides to make an 85mm T/S for you next!

  • Donji Hogfan

    If they manage to have:
    – Tilt and shift axes independent
    – Less CA than Nikon
    – Significantly less $ than Nikon
    They will sell many…

    • pooh

      The CA part maybe unclear, but it is clear that it will be MUCH cheaper..

      Nearly all Samyung lenses released recently have top performance. No doubt in this one.

      • Isn’t any third party lens going to be cheaper than Nikon?

        Til-shift lenses, being manually focused seem to be the ideal candidates for non-AF manufacturers. I am surprised that the smaller players like SLR Magic or even the mighty Cosina don’t want to produce them.

        • Dixie

          Isn’t any third party lens going to be cheaper than Nikon?
          Well, products of this manufacturer are not:

        • jorg

          try hartblei-lenses

    • Mike

      Absolutely. I will own one of those many too!

  • ItsaChris


    I was almost sure this TS was going to be a 80mm (or something around that) as that is the cheapest medium format lens you can buy for most systems.

    if the price is decent I will be getting this no question.
    I am also getting there fisheye for the nex.

  • Din

    Now, they just need a 50mm f/1.2 or f/1.4.

  • I sincerely hope they come out with a 17mm and a 19mm. I’d be a buyer.

  • ennan

    Haha – I just sent admin this info. Didn’t realise he’d already caught it.

    I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Samyang. Generally using them more than my Nikkors these days.

  • They should release a ultra-wide tilt-shift lens for APS-C. This would sell like hotcakes.

  • JG10

    I don’t think Samyang lenses are the value they once were. I mean, the 85 is still fantastic value. The 35mm is $500. Yes, it’s 1.4, but it’s manual focus. Nikon and Sony both offer a 35mm 1.8 for $200. And the new 24mm is $800? Forget about it. You start approaching the price of the Zeiss E mount 24mm at that point. Whatever happened to fast and cheap Samyang?

    • Harold Ellis

      just usual business, give bloggers free samples, spam some reviews on amazon and up your prices.
      but, they are rightfully doing so. anybody dumb enough to buy it to see any “advantage” between samiyang 351.4 and nikon 1.8 deserves to be departed from his moneys

    • Discontinued

      Keep things in perspective, please. Nikon’s 35 1.8 is a DX lens that hardly compares to a 1.4 FF. Nikon has a 35 1.4 too and as far as I know it costs three times as much as the Samyang and is even inferior in terms of RES and CA. Wait and see how Samyang’s 24 performs before you judge it. If it matches or outperforms other 24 1.4s 800 bucks is a real bargain for anybody who does not care for AF.

      • JG10

        For me personally, the 35mm and 24mm are too expensive. But I can appreciate that there are people who think they’re worth the money. And I still think the 85mm is good value.

    • kurobe

      FX lens vs FX lens, those two 1.8 lenses are DX only.

  • EnPassant

    A 24 mm T/S is even more interesting than the just to be released 24/1.4.
    I just hope IQ even when tilted/shifted will be great and the lens have indipendant tilt and shift that can be used at full extensions even with bodys having built-in flash.

  • Mark

    Can’t wait to get a 24mm tilt/shift. With wide angle the shift will have some use also. Awesome, Samyang!

    Next, make an anamorphic 1.5x squeeze lens for us VDSLR shooters. The old Iscoramas are crap, but sell like hot cakes on Ebay, because there are NO alternatives out there on a budget.

  • Lio

    I hope this new 24mm will be on pair with the 35mm and the 85mm, and better than their 24mm 1.4.

  • tferroato

    what kind of price range are we looking at here?
    if this is a tilt/shift the masses can afford, they’ll have a huge hit on their hands…even if iq is mediocre. who hasn’t wanted to play around with a t/s lens but didn’t want to fork over the cash it takes to buy one from nikon?

  • Paul Richards

    7th March Spoke to Samyang at Focus Birmingham today and they say this a Total fabrication and the photograph is a complete Fake They say that this lens is one of many in the devolopment stage only and production is a long way off

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