New 35mm f/0.95 lens for Micro Fourth Thirds and Fuji X mounts

There are several samples on taken with a new 35mm f/0.925 lens from the Chinese manufacturer Shenyang Zhongyi. The lens is expected to be released with Micro Fourth Thirds and Fuji X mounts.

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  • pooh

    Hardly will it be available outside China I think. You might have to use Taobao in order to get one…

  • Rob-L

    I’m sure the quality will be outstanding. 0_O

  • I bet China will outsource making it to somewhere cheaper, LOL.

    Regardless, I like that it would be out for X100, but color is all wrong for black camera.

    • Doubt this will be available for X100 which doesn’t offer interchangeable lenses. Assume this will be for X-Pro1.

  • gaudi chinese product

  • Eric Sutton Photography

    I would be interested in seeing an adapter ring for Canon.

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