Samsung EX2 to be announced on June 26th (UPDATED)

Samsung EX2

The new Samsung EX2/EX2F are rumored to be announced on June 26th, 2012. The cameras are expected to have f/1.4 aperture (the previous TL500/EX1 model had f/1.8 aperture).

Update: The EX2 will be using the same AMOLED screen from the NX20 model, Samsung calls it Clear AMOLED.

Also, the previously reported 55mm f/1.8 lens is really going to be a 45mm f/1.8. Samsung reduced the focal length in order to create "a real" pancake lens.

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  • mythbuster

    Hope it also have a fast tele and a viewfinder (small optional evf is ok). For me, no viewfinder= no deal.

    • Hugo Drax

      As you can see from the picture there’s no viewfinder just like the ex1 so no deal for you.

      • ME

        So there will be no deal. hahahah

  • Billy

    Expect Samsung addition to the improvements on the lens aperture, macro capability, auto-focus capability, and the image sensor will be significantly improved.
    Otherwise, the relevant person in charge of the department of Samsung camera will regret it.

  • Steve

    Does it have the same size sensor as the EX1 (1/1.7″)? This would be a tough sell with the more compact RX100 (1″ sensor) from Sony.

    • Din

      Well, that is a interesting question.
      A bigger sensor means a bigger lens, slow telephoto aperture and short focal length.
      In my opinion if Samsung includes at least a 1/2″ instead a 1″ sensor, but can put on it a 24mm wide angle with a large aperture telephoto end, for me would be perfect.
      Even using the same 1/1.7″ size sensor but using a BSI-CMOS could be nice keeping a small body and using a large aperture zoom.

    • I think it will have a 1″ sensor.

    • dgreene196

      I think there are going to be many factors that will be in play in any comparisons between the RX100 and the EX2.

      The RX100 looks to be a very nice camera: compact, potentially good image quality (particuarly wide open). However, it’s still a $650 camera. At that price point, you have to really want the compact nature of the camera as a key priority, simply because there are so many other very, very good cameras at the approximate price point.

      I’m hoping the EX2 comes in at a lower price point than the RX100. I suspect it will be a physical larger camera with more hard buttons (Samsung seems to be very focused on these features, and a larger wide-open aperture lends toward this as well). And I think they’d be unwise to move away from the adjustable screen. I think a big question will be the zoom range of the lens. Compared to Olympus’ admittedly late entry into this segment, the Samsung has a very narrow zoom range. I think they’re going to have to get to 4x zoom, at least. If they can do that while keeping the tele-end with a fairly wide aperture, the EX2 will be very intriguing, especially if they can hit closer to $500.

  • So is this rumored camera supposed to an improvement over the NX210? I was about to pull the trigger on one and don’t know if I should wait a bit now.

    • Mistral75

      It is not. It’s a compact camera with a small sensor and a fixed zoom when NX210 has an APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses.

    • no, this is the replacement of the TL500/EX1

      • Steve

        That would be great if true.

  • wopper 123

    Nope, this camera is a compact one, successor to EX1. It will have small sensor, so nothing great, actually.

    Unfortunately it seems that Samsung is making all bad decisions, lately. The nx20 was a flop compared to nex7 and other mirrorless, now the EX2 will be a flop compared to the newly released sony large sensor compact camera. Pity.

    • Din

      How do you know that?

    • I don’t know about that. I prefer the specs to my NX20 in some ways to the NEX 7. For one I like all the normal controls that an SLR would have.


    • ME

      It’s about unfortunate timing. 20mp should look great, unfortunately few weeks after its introduction, NEX7 was announced with 24mp. Same with this one, a good camera but shadowed by recently announced Sony RX-1oo.

  • Sahaja

    Re the new lens: Even if they can make it a “real pancake”, 45mm seems an odd focal length for an APS-C camera 55 (or 60) would have been better

    • Din

      It is actually a 70mm on APS-C.
      55mm would be perfect.

      • Geoff

        No, it’s a 45mm on APS-C.
        I also would have preferred a bit longer, though.

  • Upper lear

    It s a shame that they chose to make the lens 45 1.8. As the previous person mentioned a 55 mm would be close to the classic portrait length of 85mm. But then again, I really do love the fact that samsung has the far best pancake selection of all mirrorless.

    The ex1 was a great camera and there is no reason why this new camera wouldnt be. Comparing it to sonys large sensor is like comparing the camera with canons gx1 until we know size and pricing

    • I was hoping for 55mm f/1.8 pancake as well, but I don’t think there is a way they can make that a pancake. A 45 mm should be able to be as small as the current pancakes. What they should do to compensate for this is also release a 55mm f/1.4 lens for those that want a portrait lens but don’t care about size.

      • ItsaChris

        unless it is somewhat collapsible it should be a little longer (15mm longer or so) than the current lens (16,20,30).
        But this might make sonys 50mm 1.8 nex look rather silly.

  • dl

    a 45mm pancake is bad news! i was hoping for a 55mm (or 60mm) pancake.

  • Din

    In the old rumored Samsung road map, there is a Premium 50mm f/1.4, maybe that´s the reason of a 45mm pancake because a heavier, better and more expensive high quality 50mm is coming then, just like 85mm f/1.4.

  • Ray oody

    today is 26 june.. do u think this camera will be out on JULY?? same time as the RX100?? is it possible to be waterproof or no??

    • Not sure, maybe the date is wrong? I received the picture form the same source. Let’s wait another day.

  • snake

    the samsung kids on dpr are already declaring it the greatest camera ever made, solely because it has a samsung label on it, specs unknown, performance unknown.

    • CRB

      Just like every other forum in dpreview…everybody loves the brand they use…being fair..dpreview users love their gear much more than photography.

  • someone

    WTF?! on a package shot it reads F/1.4, not F/1.8 like the EX1. Also the Sensor would
    be 2/3″ Size, not 1/1.7″.

  • butch1e

    WHAT HAPPENED to the EX2??? They sell ex2f everywhere, but no EX2…WHY???

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