Change of specifications for the Sony RX1 full frame compact camera

Sony announced few changes in the specifications of the anticipated Sony RX1 full frame compact camera (available for pre-order):

  •  Single and continuous AF options were removed from the AF selector (Direct Manual Focus and Manual Focus selections remains unchanged). If the Google translation is correct, AF-S will work only for still images and it will automatically turn into AF-C during video recording.
  • Sony changed also the maximum shutter speed from 1/2000 to 1/4000 with a limitation of 1/2000 at f/2 and 1/3200 at f/4 (1/4000 will be possible from f/5.6 and above).
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  • Not complaining but 1/4000 being enabled at f/5.6 and _slower_ is just weird.

    • Jesper

      Yes, very wierd indeed. Hopefully just error with google translation

      • Dummy

        The leaf shutter of the X100 works the same way : 1/1000 at f2, 1/2000 at f2.8, 1/4000 from f4…

        • hence why X100 has built in ND-filter (something I never use)

    • thomas

      Makes sense – the shutter has less distance to cover from one side to the other of the aperture iris.

      • El_Pickerel

        Agreed – that seems like the logical reason, but it doesn’t seem practical. Stinks losing AF-C for stills though; I imagine that would not be undesirable on such a camera.

        • Exactly. Lots of cameras work that way even though most of them do not make it this clear.

          AF-C lost in the development has to be a technical limitation, maybe the lens elements are too heavy to keep moving for long periods without issues or drains the battery too fast.

          • NYC

            It didn’t say you lose AF-C for stills, only that you lose AF-S for video.

          • It’s actually both. There is no AF-C mode for stills anymore and there is no AF-S for video. At least that is what the Sony press release says.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        thank you thomas,

        riddle solved.

    • Jason

      shouldn’t it be 1/4000 at f/2 !? weird

    • vam

      It’s because of the leaf shutter in the lens.

      • None of my leaf shutter lenses allow faster shutter speeds at smaller apertures 🙂 It’s not how they usually work.

        But I was mostly commenting on the uselessness/strangeness of getting faster shutter speeds when the aperture closes… it’s like giving free combs to a bald guy.

        • Dummy

          The leaf shutter of the X100 works the same way : 1/1000 at f2, 1/2000 at f2.8, 1/4000 from f4.

        • pooh

          Many cameras of the old day has the same feature, on most P&S ones it’s only 1/250s wide open even the top speed’s “only” 1/500s.

          1/1000s has long been sufficient. 1/4000s opens up only 2 more stops – ND filter makes more sense.

    • Mark

      1/4000s is only possible because of the smaller aperture. Doesn’t make much practical photography sense, but out of a technical limitations point of view it makes sense.

    • MJr

      Actually makes perfect sense for a leaf shutter.

  • WT21

    Clearly, they are hitting tech hurdles. Sony has already proven their ability to execute on bodies (lenses less so). It’s great to see them pushing the envelope. Go Sony!

  • Camaman

    Too bad on the shutter speed!
    F2 and 1/2000 sucks big time. Damn that leaf shutter…
    At least its got ISO100.
    Does it have a good built in ND filter and/or Iso50 option?

    • Jason

      1/2000 is actually extremely fast for a leaf shutter. And remember; it will sync flash at all of its available speeds.

    • It’s no so bad, people will adapt to it.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I’m actually very interested in this camera, but I’ll wait till I’ve seen production camera RAW files before selling my kidney.

    Silent shutter is very attractive, as is the high speed sync. I do hope it comes with a setting to completely black out the LCD when using the optical viewfinder. I might even bolt a fake film wind lever on it to make me look even less of a journalist 😀

    In some places walking around with a D4 and 24-70 is just asking for trouble…

  • Quash

    My X100 is the same. Welcome to the world of leaf shutters. I would have preferred they announce the addition of a shutter dial and EVF. I can rationalize $3000 (with tax) for a good FF sensor and good wide aperture prime. But, without a shutter dial with visible markings and EVF, this is a toy, not a tool.

    • Zaph

      And by invoking the “toy” argument you just turned this from a useful comment into a cliché.

  • fjfjjj

    If you want a 1/8000s shutter, you can have your 1/250s flash sync. I’ll be happy with 1/2000s for both. Thanks, Sony.

  • malez

    wish sony would just limit shutter speed at 1/2000 at all aperture ranges

    and then we all can just stfu

  • Brook

    If AF-c is gone that is a huge deal for stills. Someimes it’s great to just set it on C and run with it. This will probably keep me from getting it. Sadly, a great selling point of the panasonic series

    • Zaph

      Wow, there’s a series of Panasonic Full Frame cameras?

      • Brook

        No D.A. there isn’t but not having AF-c brings the smaller chip back into play for me….sadly

  • Arlegui

    How about add an in-body ovf ffs.

  • newoldmate

    ermahgerd leaf shutter speed

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