Sigma DP3 Merrill camera officially announced


Sigma-DP3-Merrill-camera-top    Sigma-DP3-Merrill-camera

The previously leaked Sigma DP3 Merrill camera is now officially announced (pre-order link). The key specs are:

  • 46MP Foveon X3 sensor (APS-C 1.5x)
  • 50mm f2.8 lens with SLD glass (Special Low Dispersion)
  • Dual TRUE II Image Processing Engines
  • Minimum focusing of 8.9″
  • Macro shooting at 1:3
  • 9 point AF
  • Face detection
  • 3 inch TFT LCD at 920,000 dots
  • Hot shoe and lens hood
  • SD video recording
  • ISO 100-6400 set in 1/3 steps
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  • Christian M.

    I like it! Quite a nice collection of DP Merrills then: 28mm, 45mm and now 75mm equivalent. Now somebody please come up with an accessory-grip that includes a super-endurance rechargeable battery. And Lightroom or CaptureOne support for the RAW files, please.

  • Wally in Austin

    This is the first camera that I am now thinking about using instead of my 4X5 view camera for color or black and white. Slow kludgy forces contemplation makes you think about what you are shooting and delivers superior images to anything out there. That about says it all.

    • Calibrator
    • As far as digital sensors go, the Foveon design is the most efficient when it comes to resolution. But nothing digital is still a match for what 4×5 can do… heck, even my 6×9 medium format can do better than any instant digital capture.

  • Mike

    Sigma is quietly brilliant. Instead of an ILC DP Merrill, they make 3 cameras with 3 different focal length fixed lenses. For B&W landscape shooters, you need 3 cameras. ^^

    • photoviking

      I don’t know many landscape photographers who shoot with a 50mm lens. More like, Sigma is designing fixed lens cameras (a la Sony & Fuji) targeted at specific shooters.

      • misolo

        I see it more as an extreme version of Ricoh’s concept. In Ricoh’s system, the sensor gets interchanged together with the lens in a module. Sigma went a step further and made the LCD, grip, and memory card slot also part of the interchangeable module.

        • LOL
          There used to be high-end fixed-lens cameras way before the Ricoh GR stuff…

  • Missing one important spec: price.

  • ex-dp2m man

    Buy it from a shop with a liberal return policy.
    My DP2m was a joy to shoot with, but I found a lot of noise in shadows or non-reflective surfaces even outdoors in daylight, and wicked CA in “macro”. The phrase, “magenta and green are at war in this camera,” came to mind repeatedly. Luckily, the manual focus-by-wire died, probably from being used in the cold, so I could justify returning it.

  • a4

    Fixed lens camera with focal length equal to 75mm and f/2.8? They must have completely lost their minds at Sigma 😀

    • tao

      I agree – can’t figure out why a slow camera would want a 75mm 2.8. A 50mm equiv 1.2 or maybe a 20mm equiv.

  • Zeiss Darling

    Let us see some samples. The DP2M images on Flickr impress quite a bit, but ISO needs to be good to make me buy this over a Sony RX100 or successor or an RX1.

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