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→ The Mitakon Lens Turbo Focal Reducer Adapter (Nikon Ai-s to MFT) is now shipping and can be ordered from eBay.

Tamron-SP-150-600mm-F5-6.3-Di-VC-USD-lens-design Tamron-SP-150-600mm-F5-6.3-Di-VC-USD-lens-MTF-chart
→ The lens design and MTF charts of the new Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens are now available online. The price is still not officially announced. Here are few additional images of the lens from Pixelistes (via Dicahub):

→The new X-Pro1 firmware upgrade (Ver. 3.10) has been postponed to 19th December.

→ Fujifilm named to the world's top 100 global innovators list by Thomson Reuters.

→ Camera captures 3D images in almost total darkness.

→ Nauticam announced NA-BMCC underwater housing for Blackmagic Cinema 4K cameras.

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  • Global

    Does this Adapter pass any information to the Camera body at all?

    • AR22

      i guess it doesn’t, i can’t see any contact pins

    • AR22

      i guess it doesn’t, i can’t see any contact pins

      • Global

        Propriety b.s. drives me nuts; Nikon should at least LICENSE their technology to third-parties for a fee and make tons of cash, if they aren’t going to allow them to use it for free.

        Its not like Nikon ever does anything with it.

        I can’t figure out if Nikon considers itself primarily a lens or primarily a body company — I feel like it USED to be about lenses, but these days, they care more about bodies.

        • Global

          ^ Otherwise what could explain the ridiculous LACK of fast primes and f/2.8 zooms in the DX range? And why are their FX primes so grossly overpriced? Nikon doesn’t care about lenses anymore, just chugging out bodies.

  • johnny

    I still don’t understand why would Tamron make 150mm/f5 at the wide end. Isn’t it better to have 150/f2.8?

    • aurele

      maybe because a 150 f2.8 (like the Sigma) just weight around 1,2 kg.
      A 150-600/2.8-6.3 would probably wait 3 or 4 kg at least. Nobody would buy it.

      • Global

        Not to mention be expensive as hell. You would basically be buying the price of a 200/2.8 + a power zoom.

        The REAL question is why the hell did they start at 150mm?? We have 70-300es, 70-200es, 28-200es, 28-300es, etc, etc, out the whazoo.

        They should have bucked the marketing gimmick and started at 300mm, and focused on getting those curve lens qualities even sharper. Afterall, the 200-400/4 Nikon is incredibly popular and sharp for its range (2x zoom = sharpness).

        If Tamron made an equally sharp 300-600/variable (2x zoom = sharpness) at much, much less price with the latest optical stabilization, it would replace the 200-400 in many people’s bags and open up a new group of buyers.

      • johnny

        Not true. Only the tele-end will make lens bigger. For 600/f6.3, we need at least 600/6.3=95mm in diameter for the front element, whereas 150/5=30mm is required for 150/f5 design. Tamron still have plenty of room for the wide-end. For some reason, at 150mm, its aperture blade is not fully opened.

  • Neopulse

    What Nauticam did kinda reminds me about what happened with the D800. You’re more likely to have the case way before the actual camera. Was on the waiting list to get the EF-mount version since August and cancelled it a few weeks ago because it kept being constantly delayed.

  • Dpablo unfiltered

    That’s an amazing chart for the long end of that lens. If it’s really that good then I hope it’s cheap as can be…

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