Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera listed as discontinued at Amazon

The Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera is listed as discontinued at Amazon (still available from third party sellers). Rumors for a new Canon EOS 7D Mark II model has been floating around since 2011 (almost as long as the mythical Nikon D400). If this camera doesn't get announced at Photokina this September, I doubt it will ever come out.

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  • Mr. Canon

    Yeah, an Amazon typo is now considered new worthy… this is the problem with modern internet culture!!!

    • Global

      Well.., its news worthy. As a rumor (keep in mind you’re on a rumor site, not a news site, friend). Many times discontinued notices are put up accidentally in advance when a Buyer (professional corporate buyer) gets wind of a new model. It can always be an error, but in more cases it has indicated that another model is coming.

      Also, Amazon buyers are given certain information because they can make large orders in advance. And they have very loose/casual conversations with suppliers. But also, importantly, a lot of the product information is run by someone on the Supplier side (depending on setup) and a Canon employee may have accidentally spilled the beans if they had heard that there would be no more supplying to Amazon, because a new release was imminent. You could imagine how this goes — manager finds out, tells subordinate to stop supplying to Amazon after “next fulfillment”. Employee finishes last fulfillment, and then changes status to “discontinued.” Manager finds out, orders employee to change back to normal status. But behind the scenes no more supply order are fulfilled because its discontinued in reality. It happens.

      • Spy Black

        Events like this are also the modern way companies are hyping forthcoming products, by the so-called “accidental” leaks of information, such as the recent Fuji X 100T camera.

  • GJoe

    I can’t believe new 7D’s are still being sold, and for big money. Seems like that camera has been out forever.

    • Zos Xavius

      $1000 is big money?

      • GJoe

        It’s a 5 year old camera and has been selling for much more than that until recently. Having said that, $1,000 is a lot of money for most people on this planet.

  • Anton

    Too little ( too many have already caught the FF bug ! )

    Too late ( how long has it been since the 7D first launched ? )

    Though I believe there may be a need for a ‘pro-level’ cropped sensor body ~ the cost ( for both the manufacturer & end user ) would be much more expensive than you’d like . . .

    • Remedy

      There are seriously still people on this planet that think FF camera sales got even remotely close to APS-C cameras? SERIOUSLY?! The percentage of people who actually bought FF camera is so ridiculously small that it’s barely within statistic error. Gimme a fking break with ocean of people craving for FF because they got tired of waiting for another APS-C camera. Delusional much?

      • 24×36

        I don’t think that’s what Anton is saying. Think of FF camera sales vs. “high end” (ONLY) APS-C camera sales (i.e., D300s, 7D) over the last couple of years. People willing to pay an $1700ish for an APS-C body at this stage are a dwindling few, hence the lack of successors to the two aforementioned 5-year-old APS-C bodies.

  • TinusVerdino

    ’bout time

  • RHM Again

    It won’t be. It won’t.
    And that won’t either (the D400/D9300/D0401 or whatever)

    • TinusVerdino

      7D Mk II

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