Pentax K-5 IIs and Mamiya RZ67 Pro II cameras listed as discontinued

After the $500 instant rebate, the Pentax K-5 IIs DSLR camera is now listed as discontinued at B&H.

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro II medium format camera is also listed as discontinued:

I also received some information that the Mamiya 7II medium format camera is also already discontinued (not listed at B&H, still in stock at Adorama).

Mamiya is rumored to release a new medium format digital rangefinder camera in 2015.

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  • RIP RZ67…

    RIP 7, my favorite camera I never bought…

    The end of the “real” medium format is near… 🙁

    • Photofrodo

      Shoot! Maybe your right J Shin, but I am sure glad I got one with a
      decent amount of lenses before this happened. Now all we need is a state
      of the art universal negative scanner made by Epson and/ or nikon to
      revamp sales & interest in film to bring it back or at least prolong
      its slow demise. I for one sure as hell would enjoy having one of these
      & backing up all my student/ early negatives from school.

      • Chemicals

        Sorry I have a dumb question: between picking up the negative form the camera and putting it into the scanner, do you need to fiddle with chemicals?

        • nwcs

          Are you asking if the film still needs to be developed before putting it into a scanner? If so, yes. The film needs to be properly developed before it’s scannable.

        • Spy Black

          There are still places that develop film, so you have to “fiddle with chemicals” if you don’t want to. Depending on where you live, you can have processed locally, otherwise you would have to send it by mail to a processing lab.

          • MacCruiskeen

            But fiddling with the chemicals is the fun part. More fun than listening to a scanner grinding away.

          • Spy Black

            That’s a matter of opinion. With black & white it’s not so bad, color is much more challenging, especially E6. Not ecologically friendly either. Although I love film, I’m glad we’re in the digital age. I sill shoot film, although I no longer process.

    • Zos Xavius

      Not really. Eventually FF MF sensors will be introduced. Its only a matter of time.

  • Say What?


  • Stuart E. McConaghy

    I saw the RZ discontinuation coming when the supply of affordable new lenses from Japan dried up about a year ago. It’s been damn near impossible to get any RZ peripherals for ages now. Good thing I have everything I need for that system. It’s by far my favorite camera.

  • Spy Black

    I wonder how much longer we’ll have film. I recently picked up an old Bronica GS-1 in mint condition for a song. I’ll enjoy it for as long as I can.

  • SimenO1

    I just wonder when we will be able to buy a digital full frame 67 camera back ..

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