The best smart phone cameras according to DxOMark

best smart phone cameras
best smart phone cameras 2
Along with their iPhone 6s review, DxOMark published their rankings for the best smart phone camera - the Sony Xperia Z5 is currently on top of the ranking, while the new iPhone 6s is at #10:

"Strong competition from rivals means that the Apple iPhone 6s actually moves down in our rankings. The Moto X Style and Google’s Nexus 6P bracket the 6s on performance, but are significantly cheaper to own.

Apple’s technology is unable to keep noise at competitive levels; in fact, noise level is much higher than what can be found on the current leaders of our database.

Detail preservation in bright light has slightly improved with respect to the iPhone 6, but the overall score remains low compared to the best in its class.

The iPhone 6s performed well in our video assessment, with good results in exposure and autofocus accuracy, white balance reliability and color rendering.

Strength and weakness are the same than the previous Apple iPhone 6.

Overall, the Apple iPhone 6s continues to offer a good balance of performance and top-notch user experience, but those looking to upgrade from the iPhone 6 Plus might not find it appreciably compelling; however it’s likely that anyone with an earlier model will be lining up."

Here is another iPhone 6s Plus vs Sony Xperia Z5 camera test comparison:

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  • sleipnir

    Go sony go

  • pyktures

    why do people still rely on dxomark to gauge the quality of a product? measuring a sensor has nothing to do with how the rest of the in-camera processing engine will handle the capture data. Saying that an item rates high on dxomark is like saying that the quality of fiji water far outweights that of evian.

    • LOL

      Phone ranking is done on jpeg measurements, you silly

      • pyktures

        well the youtube video clearly demonstrate’s the Z5’s abysmal lowlight performance in comparison to the 6s plus.

        • LOL

          Cropping instead of downsampling, same distance despite the fact Sony’s lens is much wider

          • pyktures

            your tests, your conclusions. 🙂

        • ack

          They clearly didn’t test either the super-sampled 8 MP mode (which is actually superior and the default), nor the hardware-stabilized 1080p. Then claimed the iphone was better. Seriously unbiased, right?

          • pyktures

            please test it yourself

          • ack

            Guys on XDA forums already have. All the reviews switched to 23 MP mode thinking it would automatically be better, without spending the time to understand why it is set to 8 MP as the default. The Z5 uses its smaller pixels to super-sample to take cleaner, hi fidelity pics.

  • Andrei

    I have Z2 and while it has great IQ for a phone, it is no way near a Pureview 808. DxO can be trusted as usual….

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