Fuji X-Pro2 shipping in the US, currently in stock

Fuji X-Pro2 camera Fuji X-Pro2 camera 7 Fuji X-Pro2 camera 6
Fuji X-Pro2 camera 5 Fuji X-Pro2 camera 4 Fuji X-Pro2 camera 3
After a small delay, the Fuji X-Pro2 is now shipping in the US and is currently in stock (B&H is expected to have on March 4th):

Fuji X-Pro2 now shipping
The X-Pro2 manual can be downloaded here.

Via Fujiaddict

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  • doge

    Why is it $1699 on B&H, and $1899 on Amazon?
    Edit: nevermind. I see it’s a 3rd party on amazon for $1899. amazon direct is selling for $1699, but it says it’s not in stock.

    • it was $1699 on Amazon when I posted this online yesterday – those are third party resellers trying to make a quick buck

  • Mike Gordon

    Yawn, way too $$

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