Confirmed: Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art lens to be announced soon

After the Sigma 85/1.4 EX DG HSM lens was said to be discontinued, I can now confirm that a new Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art lens is currently being tested in the field and will be officially announced soon (most likely at Photokina in September).

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  • Byron B.

    Yes please. 🙂

  • BlueBomberTurbo

    Can’t wait to see the comparison vs the Sony 85mm 1.4 GM!

  • Neopulse

    I think first it’ll be an 85mm ART then a 105mm Macro lens later in the year or early next year. The 50-100mm was suspected months ago, so chances are one of the two that has been mentioned might come to light.

    • My problem will be to choose between the 85 F1.4 and the 50-100 F1.8. It’s slightly faster speed versus zoom flexibility. I’ll wait to see what the resolution numbers look like. If close, I may tend towards the 50-100.

      • longzoom

        Look closely at images produced by 50-100. While it is working very well on distances, images of flowers and so on at minimal range, are trivially soft. It is impossible to design such the zoom sharp up close. Spherical aberration and, as a result, curvature of field, making images plain soft. So, my suggestion, try it first, especially for portraiture. I did.

        • longzoom … softness at close distance would be a game changer. I currently use a 17-60 C which is great at closeup.

          • longzoom

            Sigma 50-150/2.8 has OS, APO optics. So, if 1,8 is not critical for you, 2.8 model is better choice.

      • Neopulse

        The 50-100mm in my opinion is worth the price. Also this would depend on your budget. But I am sold pretty much on the 50-100mm if I ever shot DSLR. Makes me wish I owned one to test it out. I left DX once because of that particular lack of focal length and quality. Tokina’s equivalent didn’t help me either stay in DX.

      • “I’ll wait to see what the resolution numbers look like”. You’re doing it wrong buddy. Look at the lens which you think gives the most pleasant image characteristics, like bokeh quality, color&contrast etc. Any modern lens today is sharp enough to resolve all details, and the differences are too small for practical use (most only noticeable in labs). However the difference in rendering/general feel of the image is still very different between lenses, and that’s often more important than pure sharpness.

        • I have the original 50-150 F2.8 and while sharp at distance, it is very soft up close. Since I do a lot of shooting up close, I seldom use the lens. Don’t want to make that mistake again.

          • You shouldn’t have to worry, the 85 will be a portrait lens so it will be optimized for close to medium distance just like the amazing 35 and 50 ART are. Sharpness will be the least of your concern most likely! However remember the 50-100 is very heavy and large, so if you don’t need zoom then an 85 is a great choice.

      • Neopulse

        (Sorry for taking long to respond) Hmm… doesn’t compensate for it in my opinion. They are 2 different animals. Like you said though, wait for the reviews if anything. But honestly, I’d get the 50-100mm now that you have within arms length in comparison to something you might not get anytime soon since the 85mm f/1.4 ART has been rumored about since late 2014. Plus having a zoom like that helps greatly. Chances are it will be well made with low distortion characteristics, albeit heavy overall in comparison to the 85mm. Although wouldn’t hold me breath since their 50mm ART didn’t care about the weight.

  • dave

    just had a weird boner

  • Michael Laing

    It will be interesting to see how they go with this lens. Will it compare with the Zeiss Milvus or Otus optically.

    • sickheadache

      Well the 50mm Art…was just 4 points? behind the Otus 55mm..if you trust those goobers..i mean masters over at DXO …lol I am excited about the 85 Art..I use the 24-35 and 35 and 50 Art Line and I am extremely happy about using them. Well Done.

      • Michael Laing

        I expect it to be very good optically. I refuse to buy Sigma lenses now days, as I have had issues in the past with build quality and quality control, this though was before the Art line was released and I am sure the quality of the lenses have improved since then. I have been impressed with the Tamron primes, even though they are only f/1.8, they do have weather sealing though which is good and for important lenses, I generally look at Zeiss, as I know the quality will be there. Unfortunately, Nikon is getting a bit of a look over now days but it is their own fault, when you take you long term customers for granted, then eventually, they just move away.

        • sickheadache

          Rent the Art Line …and the past is just that..past. The Art line is nothing like their past. There are only a few lenses i would use of Nikon, 85 1.8 G..and..oh that is it…lol

          • Michael Laing

            Considering the number of lenses, I have I really don’t think I will need to buy any more lenses for a while. I have tried the Sigma Art lenses numerous time and I don’t have issue with their optical quality and I know that they are much better than their old lenses but I have a long memory and I don’t forget issues. My 85mm Milvus is more than good enough for portraits and I have my old 85mm Nikkor if I need autofocus, it isn’t as sharp but it is good enough. I have a Voigtlander 58mm, which I think is the greatest lens ever made for the price and I love my Tamron lenses, even though the 90mm feels as cheap as a 5p plastic bag and I have my Nikkor zooms. The only lenses I could want is a untra wide and I would want something like 15 or 16mm which is much wider than the Sigma offering.

          • CSIROC

            So…you’re holding up Sigma based on their distant past, but giving Tamron a pass (who also had a…colorful…past) and giving Nikon a pass – a company that has RECENTLY put out product after product after product with shoddy workmanship AND had to have their feet held to the fire to do anything about it?

            Forgive me, but that’s awful hypocritical…

            I own nothing of Sigma’s and love my Nikon and Tamron gear, but com’on…that’s a bit ridiculous.

          • Michael Laing

            I really don’t think I am being hypocritical. I own 3 Sigma lenses, two of which have issues. I actually state that I think Sigma lenses have improved in one of the above posts. I was stating though that I wouldn’t go back to them, which is a personal preference.

            As for Nikon I also state that Nikon gets over looked in the past because they take their customers for granted, as a part of that I meant their quality control. At no point did I say I love Nikon. I think they take their customers very much get taken for granted, I have lots of issues with my D800, particularly the AF, which isn’t great.

            As for Tamron, I have stated that my old Tamron 90mm feels as cheap as a 5p bag. I haven’t had issues, like I have with the Tamron in quality control or build (my Tamron 90mm Macro, was cheap and it felt like it). As for the new Tamron lenses, I have been impressed with them, they have good build quality, good AF and a nice optically.

            As a photographer, I can only go by what I have experienced. I want all lenses, to be high quality and at a decent price. I don’t care if it is Nikkor, Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss, Voigtlander or any other company. I am not a fanboy, I am a realist, It comes from being around camera for over 20 years.

            I think you need to read all my posts, in a thread, not just cherry pick to get your rage on.

          • CSIROC

            No idea where you got the impression of rage from that innocuous comment…but perhaps that is your own projection coming through.

            I simply do not understand having self described “long memory” when it comes to Sigma, but not applying that same feeling toward Nikon. I see nowhere you’ve suggested you’ll never go back to Nikon because of their crap quality control and customer service…yet that is the attitude you’re taking toward Sigma.

            You’re more than free to prefer other brands or simply not need anything they offer (again, I own nothing of Sigma’s and care absolutely none whether anyone uses them)…but it is certainly hypocritical to hold them to a standard you aren’t holding Nikon to for similar, if not worse, transgressions. After all, between the two, Nikon is the OEM and bills itself as higher quality…

          • Michael Laing

            Well you certainly came over as having a rage on. Calling someone an ‘awful hypocrite’ despite me trying my best to be balanced, stating that Sigma lenses seem to have improved. That my Tamron 90mm feels as cheap as a 5p bag and that Nikon I look over Nikon now days because of the way they treat their customers and that is why they move away.

            This post was about Sigma. When I make posts, I state my personal bias, though experience of the product, either for or against, so others would know where I come from. I stated that I thought the new Sigma would optically be very good and then commented later that Sigma lenses have improved.

            I stated that I have a long memory and don’t forget issues because 2 out of 3 Sigma lenses I have had serious quality control issues with, which have made them completely unsellable (I now just lend them out to friends, if they need a lens for something).

            You have no idea what standard I hold Nikon to, whether I am still buying Nikon equipment, bought other camera systems over the last few years or plan to buy any more Nikon equipment, I didn’t state that because it isn’t particularly relevant to the conversation I was having (and if you want an answer to that is I have dramatically cut back on the amount of Nikon gear over the last 4 years (I have bought only 1 Nikkor lens), I have bought into the Fuji system for personal use (its fun but not perfect) but I still will buy Nikon DSLR’s but have held back on upgrading my work cameras).

            I would like to apologise though for misreading your final paragraph, which is why I said ‘At no point did I say I love Nikon’. The joys of being dyslexic (and no thats not any attempt at sympathy just an honest explanation.

            I will also apologise about the rage comment, though I suggest you think a little bit more about your comment in future particularly when it was so blindingly inaccurate (though I am sure you will disagree). I hope you have a wonderful life and you should go and try the Sigma Art series, I hear they a very good. 😀

    • 95% of the optical quality of the Otus but at 25% of the price and with auto focus.

      • Michael Laing

        We will see, I wouldn’t be surprised. The Milvus, is between 90% to 95% of the optical quality of the Otus and whilst it lacks the auto focus the Sigma will have, it does have weather sealing, which the Art series has lacked up until now, also it has an aperture ring on the Nikon version, which is a big thing for me. It will be interesting to see what the price will be, My guess will be near a £1000.

  • Norman

    another sigma lens that will have you throw away 30% of your images because of focusing issues?

    • Mike

      Ha! True. I sold my 35 Art and got a Nikon 35 1.8. No regrets.

      • Why? I’d like to purchase the 35 Art, what problems did you have with it?

    • Well that’s weird. My 35 ART is my most accurately focusing lens, the rest being Nikon 1.8 primes (D800, all lenses microadjusted)

    • sickheadache

      I have never had an issue with these Art Line…24-35, 35, 50mm …not once and use on D800/10.

    • yvrgwac

      Please share which bodies you use, and which Sigma lenses you have issues with.

      • vriesk

        Nikon D750, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art. Quite unreliable focus (tested with LensAlign or such). No issues with any other lens I own (mostly Nikon, but also some Tamrons and Sigma 150mm OS macro).

        Maybe I just need to send it for service/replacement. Anybody had luck with that?

        • yvrgwac

          I’ve had inconsistent af with the D800 and sig 35mm when the subject is further than 20 or 30 ft away. At closer portrait distances, under 10ft, the sig 20, 35, and 50 seem to be fine for me. The 20 seems to be the most accurate at any focus distance. Haven’t tried focusing on anything farther out than 20ft with the 50 yet. Is distance also an issue with your 50? Or do you find it inconsistent at all distances?

    • Ash Bowie

      I’m happy to say that my 35mm Art on my Nikon has had zero focusing problems.

      • outkasted

        I concur ala D3, D700

    • Alvis Ozols

      I can confirm this – 50mm art and I have dock, and time and patience to adjust, BUT still AF inconsistent and 30% of images are terrible/unusable… but those 70% are so crisp and sharp – no other lens comes close (wide open till 1 stop down) – so yea – I love it and can not wait 85 with same quality (possibly)

    • Joe Geske

      I own a Sigma 20, 24-35, 35, and 50 and every single one of them is dead on accurate. I run all of my lenses through focal, and do adjustments on a per body basis (D800, D600 x2, and D750) I can very confidently say that the lenses are rock solid in terms of focus. I have had focus issues though with a Nikon 24 1.4G, Nikon 50 1.4G, and Nikon 24-70 2.8. That being said I think that with lenses it is all about copy variation, and people are just super critical of Sigma because of their track record in the past. I would guess that if everyone were as critical of their Can/NIkon lenses then we wouldn’t see so many Sigma doubters.

    • outkasted

      man I’m really sorry to here that you Sigma AF issues…but I can since the35mm/1.4 ART …my photography game has been elevated. My clients are happy as sh!t. I can say that the 35mm on my D3 and D700 are very pleasing. Maybe the older Nikon bodies do very well with the ART.

    • DieMusik

      Sorry about your trouble. However, like the others said already, my 50mm 1.4 Art focuses very accurately.

    • chrisgull

      My 35 ART works great on my D810 and D700, no adjustment required.

      My older 50 HSM OTOH just won’t focus in live view on the D810. It’s fine when not in live view, and it’s fine on the D700.

    • My Sigma 50 Art is better than my Nikon 50/1.8. Your comment doesn’t stand up.

  • gamer


  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Any more news about the sd1Q, can’t find much other than the initial reports from months ago

  • TinusVerdino

    Also in K and A mount?

    • Adynaton


  • Mike

    This is fine and all but I’m still waiting for a fast 135 Art.

    • jsvfoto

      That and the recently patented 200mm f/2…

  • longzoom

    I, somehow, already know, there will be no of any kind of OS… Grim…

  • Albert

    Are there any images in the wild too?

  • fanboy fagz

    Holy shit. Got excited till it said photokina. Shit. Thats past wedding season. I thought within 2 months so i could still use it for the mass of my weddings

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if Sigma will avoid the use of aspheric glass.

  • Chris Lane

    YESSSSSSS! This and the 200mm F2 please 🙂

  • Kris

    OK, so I own the 85 1.2 II. It is wonderful. But if the Sigma is sharper, I will be tempted. 200 f2 Art please. That would be awesome.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    Don’t forget about fast Art Macro lens too Sigma please!

    • Alvis Ozols

      macro usually needs stopping down (and a lot) sigma art is all about for shooting wide open…

      • Ivan Kutsarov

        Carl Zeiss Makro Planar 100mm f2.0 disagree with you 🙂

  • decentrist

    if you look closely, just left of center, the weight of the lenses is stressing the display

  • outkasted

    Lawd’ if this is the ART……

  • Davis5

    the nikon 200 f2 is over 5.000 euro… I have tryed and is very sharp, strongly sharp on my D800…

  • Ryan Macchione

    This is a mistake. The Nikkor 85 1.4 G is light, relatively small, sharp, and makes excellent bokeh.

    A sigma version will be heavy and large, and could save you around $200, which is fine for the studio. But I wouldn’t buy a heavy 85 knowing that the Nikon is excellent and so much lighter.

    Now, if this announcement was for a 135, different story, however, I’d still be concerned with weight.

    • I don’t care about weight, if I did I would get a Sony Alpha. My Sigma 50 is far heavier than my Nikon 50 and the Nikon hasn’t been out of the closet since I purchased the Sigma. I’ll take increased quality of a slight weight reduction all day long.

      • Ryebread

        Most pros who shoot weddings care about weight. They carry two bodies. Usually 35/85. Pros buy a lot of gear. Weight matters to some people. Cheers

        • Most pros care about image quality too. I see plenty of pros shooting weddings with a 70-200/2.8 on a big body so clearly the weight doesn’t bother them.

          • Ryebread

            That’s an excellent point Mike. but this isn’t a zoom.

            My question is why would you purchase the heavier Sigma if the Nikon 1.8 g is far lighter and far cheaper, has excellent AF, while being perfectly sharp. Probably because you want 1.4. In which cause the Nikon is there too, and that lens is not heavy.

            My main point is that sigma won’t sell as many of these, or the other lenses they’ve released lately – as they would a 135. Why can’t they recognize they’d hit a home run with a 135? People love their 85 1.4 and 1.8 Nikon lenses. Everyone wants a new 135! 🙂

            I am just being realistic here.

          • I’m not sure I agree. I own the Nikon 85/1.8 and it’s a great lens. I don’t plan to switch to the Sigma even though I did give my my Nikon 50/1.8 to get the much bigger, heavier, and more expensive Sigma 50.

            Generally, I think the market for an 85 is much bigger than a 135. I have no hard data to back that up other than my own personal observations. I have only seen a 135 being used once in the field. I have seen 85s many times. To me, this suggests that the 85mm focal length is more popular and Sigma wants to sell more lenses.

          • Declan Murphy

            I had the Nikon 85mm 1.8g and while the optics are good, the autofocus was slow and hunted in low light. I sold it and got the Sigma. It’s a better performer in every respect. Faster focus, sharper images, better contrast, better build quality. I love the professional punch this lens delivers.

          • Michael Laing

            The 85mm market is much bigger than the 135mm (though one of my favourite lenses is the Zeiss 135mm). The 85mm is just a more flexable lens than the 135mm, with less issues used indoors.

            Whilst th 85mm f/1.8G is a decent lens, very sharp and very good value for its price, it isn’t up there in quality compared to the best 85mm (Zeiss Otus and Milvus). Personally I would also say the new Tamron 85mm really is a great lens as well, for the price.

    • Michael Laing

      The thing that put me off the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G was the lack of a aperture ring. Depending on the kind of photography I am doing, I don’t find the weight to be a big issue. The Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 vr2 is much heavier than my Milvus (which is the heaviest of the 85mm photography primes) but because it is a portrait lens, most of the time it is mounted on a tripod.

  • Nikita

    oh come on, another duplicate.
    Please, an APS-C 10mm 2.8, rectilinear, AF…

  • I’ve got the Sigma 85 mm ƒ/1.4 EX DG HSM and I’m quite satisfied with it.
    I really wonder how better this one could be (except from build quality, although I don’t have any specific complain about my current lens in that regard).
    I like the smooth yet sharp rendering I get most of the time with that lens, and the only three complains I can formulate about it are colour fringes at 1.4 (they disappear around 2.8), an extra 0.7 of exposure (too bad we can’t assign an exposure compensation to a lens… at least I can’t find it on my Nikon D600), and the pretty harsh autofocus (not as smooth and vivid as nikkor’s G lenses for example).
    I’m not sure that “only” addressing these issues would convince me to switch, especially if it’s for an even heavier lens (that one is already painful to carry), but if the colours, sharpness and bokeh all improve, then I might switch.

    I must say, I love that 85 mm as much as my shoulder hates it.

  • luisaragon

    Fuck yeah this is the lens I’ve been waiting for. I’m all over it like flies on shit.

  • riceboy2049

    Can’t wait. I tried the tamron 85mm 1.8 and passed on it due to autofocus issues. Anyone else unable to acquire autofocus on text indoors? Seems all of the new tamron prime lenses have autofocus and ca issues. I was hoping the tamron 35 would replace my sigma 35, but after a photo shoot, no beuno. Sigma all the way! I just hope the bokeh on their new 85 is not like the bokeh on their 50.

  • Declan Murphy

    The current 85mm 1.4 Sigma lens is superb. I’m in no hurry to upgrade.

  • George Kalogeris

    Any word about VR?
    Right now Tamron is the only 85mm with VR

  • Michel Nkdm

    Perso j’ai acheté le 50f1,4 ART SIGMA ma pire erreur 750€ à la poubelle. Un objectif peu fiable et fou d’origine à régler et SIGMA répond plus.

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