Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 lens listed as discontinued

After a massive $1,400 price drop, the Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 lens is now listed as discontinued (still available for MFT):

Via Sonyaddict

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  • Pancanikonpus

    hahaha world fastest lens gg

    • MB

      Fastest to be discontinued …

  • ‘Ibelux’, more like ‘I be lol’

    499 is the price it should’ve been at launch. And even then it’s not worth it due to the sum of all fails. Poor image quality, poor handling. This is a very heavy and expensive toy lens with cooky vintage character. Ibelux/Handevision, that’s that I/BE Optics company from Germany that works closely with Kipon. Like the BAVEyes focal reducers as well. They have a thing for overpricing and delivering underwhelming performance. Not a suprise nobody went nuts for this and ultimately left a bunch of them eating dust in warehouse corners. I would’ve said ‘nice try though’, but who am I kidding?

  • johnny

    Its initial MSRP was a joke. I was expecting they will further drop the price to $300, but…

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