Interesting interview with Sony executives

Imaging Resource published (and then removed) their interview with Sony executives. Here is the recap from SonyAddict:

  • Some sensors are reserved for Sony (Maybe this is why no one else is using their 42MP Full Frame sensor)
  • Sony invested billions in sensor technology and lenses
  • The Full Frame market is the most stable, but Sony wants to grow it slowly
  • “Before 42 megapixels… nobody needed such a resolution……but right now, people enjoy 42-megapixel cameras.”
  • “Now we are focused on three essential factors. One is of course the resolution, and another is the sensitivity, and third is the speed.”
  • Sports shooters target one millisecond in time so they might enjoy shooting 100-120fps
  • There is room for AF speed and intelligence improvement
  • Nikon/Canon use two systems for AF so their system can’t be intelligent. Our system can be intelligent because our sensor manages the AF.
  • AF and Exposure could benefit from Intelligence (AI)
  • The real advantage of mirrorless is direct information not the lack of a mirror.
  • An early problem with mirrorless was getting the data off the chip fast enough. Now the problem is interpreting all the data.
  • Sony a7RII mainly brought in customers form other systems, but Sony hopes to grow the ILC market beyond current DSLR/ILC users.
  • “I have said, too, that amateurs, people who don’t consider themselves photographers, like moms and dads, they need more advanced technology than the pros, because they’re the ones who more than anything need smart cameras and intelligent sensors. So maybe that will come.”
  • Full frame is their primary area
  • The price difference between Full Frame and APS-C could get closer together with time.
  • “I want to show our technology. The technology can change the future. Right now, I think American people still think the DSLR structure with mirror and shutter is best. But the technology can change that kind of way. And I think only Sony can do it. So I want to explain why the future is changing. And sensor is one aspect, and the lens is another one. Of course, intelligence is another aspect, but there are many technologies we have, so these things I want to tell your users. And of course [by combining] these technologies we create new cameras. So I want to show you the new camera…mirrorless can take a photo that the even professional DSLRs couldn’t capture.”

Via SonyAddict

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  • Luis Bonetti

    “Nikon/Canon use two systems for AF so their system can’t be intelligent. Our system can be intelligent because our sensor manages the AF.” Sony Cameras AF are so Intelligent that they dominated every sport event. Sarcasm

    • animalsbybarry

      They are talking about what they are developing
      Not what they are already selling

      • Mr Majestyk

        Talk is cheap and it assumes Canon and Nikon will be twiddling their thumbs while Sony makes promises. Meanwhile the top line Canon and NIkon AF kicks dust in Sony’s hype, they are just lucky to have fanboy site dpreview talking them up so much.

        Good to see Sony fail at all to mention the dreadful ergonomics, appalling battery life, poor menu system they should be worrying about. Also where is their full range of superteles that

        • Zos Xavius

          “Where is there equivalent of CPS, when are they going to stop outsourcing their repairs and stop treating their cameras like they are just a cheap kitchen appliance.”

          Its Sony. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • Tom Stephan

    Ok now, so soccer moms are Sony’s new target market. Can’t wait to see how are they gonna spend 4-5K on a full frame mirrorless camera to “take a photo that the even professional DSLRs couldn’t capture”.

    • animalsbybarry

      Most people simply want to point the camera and push the button and get perfect pictures
      That is one of the reasons cell phone cameras are so popular

      Many of these new cell phone camera users would welcome the oppportunity to upgrade and take better pictures but want it to be easy

      The camera market has expanded way beyond what it has ever been… but most of that is cellphone camera use

      There is a vast unrealized market if even a small portion of cellphone users can be upgraded

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    “The price difference between Full Frame and APS-C could get closer together with time.”

    Yes I have noticed that with the a6500 and a7II
    they practically cost the same

  • joey jojo

    sony are doing a lot of things right, of course there is room for improvements but well done sony on some absolutely amazing cameras in the last few years

  • Hubertus Bigend

    So “the lack of a mirror” isn’t “the real advantage” of mirrorless? Is it a surprise that such a statement comes from a manufacturer that seems to have an internal directive making sure that their mirrorless lenses are at least as big and heavy as comparable SLR lenses? 😉

    • Tim Reeves

      Can you show me a 28mm f2 or faster full frame lens that weighs under 200g?

      • Hubertus Bigend

        I wasn’t sure whether I should write “most of their mirrorless lenses” instead of just “mirrorless lenses”, having handled not only the 28mm f/2 (while owning an old 28/2 Rokkor myself) but also the nice and compact 35mm f/2.8. Now I know 😉

  • animalsbybarry

    I asked why the post was taken down
    This is the answer I was given

    “Dave Etchells animalsbybarry an hour ago
    Big-time snafu on my part, apologies to everyone… 🙁
    I’d said I’d give them a look before posting to make sure I got everything right (we typically do a good bit of paraphrasing, to make the Japanese English read smoothly, take out verbal tics, even on my end, etc), but then then completely spaced on it, thanks to 13 hours of jet lag and 3+ weeks of major sleep deprivation leading up to it (I’d been in Japan with a very busy schedule for 2 weeks before jetting off to Thailand).
    Probably no big changes, but **extremely** rude on my part, after saying I’d send it to them first 🙁 It’d be bad enough if I did this with a US exec, but an even bigger affront for the Japanese. I feel really bad, both for the Sony people and also for our readers. I thought that replacing the interview with a place-holder would only make an even bigger deal out of it. Maybe I should have done that, but still think this way is probably better overall. No path forward that’s actually good, just hoping for the least-bad. I’m hoping everyone will give us a break on this, not read more into it than there is.
    Bottom line, a huge screw-up on my part; apologies all around. We should have an updated version posted Monday or Tuesday, after they’ve had a chance to look at it and get back to us. So sorry, to everyone, thanks for understanding… :-(“

  • TinusVerdino

    “Some sensors are reserved for Sony” They are talking about the A7s. The 42mp sensor was specifically designed for mirrorless. Who would use it? Nobody else has FF mirrorless. Nikon don’t have a new high mp camera out yet. Pentax didn’t want to pay for it in the K-1 and opted for the older 36mp which is as good as the 42mp anyway.

    • Randy Stiefer

      The 42mp sensor is also used in the a99 ii. Definetly not mirrorless.

      • TinusVerdino

        But that can use the sensor for focussing like mirrorless besides the dedicated PDAF sensor. SLT’s aren’t DSLRS

        • Randy Stiefer

          And dual pixel AF can preform focusing in dslrs. Point is a sensor is a sensor and can be used in any format.

    • Tim Reeves

      It’s only designed for mirrorless in as far as the sensor is designed to do a lot more than your average “dumb” sensor that you would find in a mirrored camera.

      If you popped the 42mp it into a d800, it will still perform just as intended.

      • TinusVerdino

        Maybe Nikon wants something better than the marginally better 42mp sensor in the A7 RII. The sensor was designed with 4k read out in mind. That why it is 42mp. Nikon might want a 48 or 54mp sensor for it’s new D8xx

        • abortabort

          Cool, so they can continue to have woeful video in their cameras from 2017 to 2021… excellent plan Nikon.

          • TinusVerdino

            DSLRS are not for video. It’s just an afterthought for the system. If Nikon wants to get serious about video they should introduce their mirrorless line up.

          • abortabort

            How sad. Nikon will be great again once they are bought by the Chinese…

    • abortabort

      Been reading a bit much Thom Hogan have we? I remember all the Nikon fanboys saying this sensor would be in a new Nikon ‘within months’… nearly 2 years ago now isn’t it?

      • Maybe Sony doesn’t want to sell it to Nikon. Maybe the sensor is not good enough for Nikon. It could be too expensive…. there are many reasons…

        • abortabort

          There will always be a ‘reason’. The ‘reason’ that fanboy now say it isn’t is irrelevant, what is interesting is how much they are defending the decision without even knowing what the ‘reasons’ are.

          • It’s called a discussion. Many here, including myself, have been and still are critical of Nikon. Not sure about which fanboys you are talking about.

          • abortabort

            I wasn’t referring to you in this case.

          • Ok

        • abortabort

          Oh and no, they were never selling it to Nikon. Sony sells the sensors that are available on their component lists. Most sensors used in Sony cameras do not appear for sale to other brands.

  • Chaitanya

    “Nikon/Canon use two systems for AF so their system can’t be intelligent. Our system can be intelligent because our sensor manages the AF.”
    What the fuck is he smoking?

    • Zaphod

      Perhaps it was lost in translation?

      • Chaitanya

        This much? The whole interview comes off as arrogant and overconfident blabber.

    • Tim Reeves

      he’s saying that Sony are working on making their af and exposure more intelligent by using context in the image, one already existing example of this is Sony’s eye af, which identifies eyes in the frame and locks on to the focusing.

      Because DSLR’s don’t actually “see” anything until the mirror flaps up, it’s impossible to do this kind of intelligent software on them.

      • Chaitanya

        So what will you call using information provided by metering sensor either to track subjects or peoples faces. Also eye AF is a neat little trick but outside of small use cases its useless, also it can be implemented on SLRs as well. Canon already has good Live view subject tracking in place with DPAF which none of Sony Mirrorless cameras can do.

  • MissAshot

    Price is other aspect.

  • Eno

    If it’s dead, let it rest!
    Why do you summon it back to life, over and over again by mentioning it?

  • The Sony police will come and get you 🙂

    • animalsbybarry

      Barry did not kill A mount.
      Sony killed A mount.

      • Oh, I agree with you 100%, I am just afraid to say it publicly 🙂

        • abortabort

          Like you said there definitely was not an A99 II coming?

          PS isn’t Nikon dead? Internet says yes, must be true.

          • Are you trolling again? I will be happy to ban you if this is what you are looking for.

          • abortabort

            Come on Peter, you know that would never stop anyone 🙂

            Besides, weren’t you just trolling? Don’t dish it if you can’t take it 😉

          • Yes, this is what I thought – I have banned you once already and you are now back under a different name.

          • abortabort

            Well you hate Sony about much as I hate Nikon. But luckily for us we both love Leica 😉

          • I do not hate Sony, I hate their menus and ergonomics (or the lack of it). I also hate Sony fanboys 🙂 I owned the RX1 and it is still one of my favorite cameras. If they updated the AF speed, I would have not sold it for a Leica Q… but this is Sony, they don’t care 🙂 I really tried the A7 and it just doesn’t work for me. I can see how many people like it, but the A7 is far from being the best thing ever. Very far.

          • raziel28

            Every fanboy is boring, it does not matter which brand he/she prefers… 🙂
            I used to be alergic on the Apple fanboy, even though I like their computers.
            After a period of time I learnt to ignore them!

  • raziel28

    Same old story again… A99 II is an impressive camera in every regard. It is too early for statements like that.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    Just look at what Sony has achieved in the last 5 years. They now have great mirrorless camera lineup with the next big thing coming soon. They keep innovating.
    Steady releasing new lenses.

    Meanwhile Canon is too busy deprecating every aspect of their own entry and mid level cameras in hope to protect high end models sales. Releasing 900D or whatever the next abomination is called.

    I see many photographers are switching to Sony. And I see the exact reason why.

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