GoPro HERO 6 Black camera and Karma Drone v2.00 coming on September 28th

Some additional information on the upcoming GoPro HERO 6 Black camera (the suggested retail price incl. VAT in Germany will be €569):

The new (not yet announced) GoPro floating hand grip can be seen here:

A reader also sent me this info - on September 28th GoPro will also release Karma Drone v2.00:

  • NEW FEATURES Provides full support for HERO6 Black on Karma and in the GoPro Passenger App Adds Follow and Watch as Auto Shot Path options (using GPS for both)
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS Allows Karma to fly through more points in the Cable Cam Auto Shot Path Allows the Camera Tilt wheel to point the camera above the horizon
  • USABILITY IMPROVEMENTS Adds localized voice alerts

Update - GoPro HERO 6 Black camera unboxing (now removed):

Via Reddit, Adorama

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  • doge

    5ghz wifi is cool.

    Does the drone come with a camera? or do you supply that yourself?

    • Wong Sui Hong

      Agree with you, especially with 4k60fps video recording, the video file size will be crazy.

  • Ares Yin

    Karma Drone v2.00 firmware?

    • Yes, I believe so – this is all I got.

    • Espen Braathen

      Yep. It was displayed on the GoPro Karma update page for some time two days ago and then later removed.

  • Espen Braathen
  • Espen Braathen

    Both the Hero6 unboxing videos have now disappeared from YouTube. Seems like GoPro has implemented a massive damage controll in the latest 24 hrs. Wonder what they received to take the videos down.

    • They probably contacted his employer where he got the GoPro from.

  • Julio C Andrade

    $499 for just 4K, 60fps? No thanks! I have their Hero 3+ and back in March 2017 got their Hero 5 Black. Never again will I buy another GoPro camera. While I really like the GoPro’s my recent experience with their technical support made the whole GoPro experience go sour for me. They should also improve on their so called “Stabilization”. It has none!

  • Espen Braathen

    Do you have a source for the german euro pricing?

    • No, a reader emailed me that info.

  • Espen Braathen
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