Rumors: DxO One camera for Android to be announced in the next 12 months

In the next 12 months a new DxO One camera is rumored to be announced for Android OS. DxO One is currently available only for iPhone.

Additional coverage of the DxO One camera can be found here.

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  • Spy Black

    …because everyone has been waiting for this with baited breath…

  • didnt they fail the first dxo camera with iphone? now this? lol. oh and what, all this made from apples funding of best mobile camera optics? lmfao

  • fanboy fagz

    im waiting for the day when someone will mention dxomark and well laugh on how stupid people were for believing what they wrote as theyll be out of business.

    images speak louder then numbers.

    • knutinh

      I do hope that our societies gets improved scientific education. Perhaps we will have a better understanding of how numbers affect art. For you it is probably too late

      • fanboy fagz

        A rating/score/number does not affect art. People and talent affect art

        • knutinh

          Science affects art and art affects science. Believing that we need only one, not the other is a misconception in my view.

  • James R Mercer

    It’s an interesting idea, albeit likely a curiosity rather than anything else. It does take camera phones into the competitive levels of – say – Powershot and Coolpix style cameras.

    The issue is – in my opinion – that people who use their phones as cameras do it so they don’t have to carry around yet another device. Small as it is, the DXO One is “yet another thing” to carry around.

    It’s not going to really compete with DSLR or the better mirrorless offerings in terms of quality. I guess if you were a Coolpix/Powershot owner and you wanted something smaller AND you’re carrying your cellphone around anyway…


  • paulshambroom

    How about an update of the original iPhone version with an optical zoom lens? I would consider that, otherwise with the fixed lens when digitally zoomed it’s not enough of an image quality improvement over the phone’s own camera Especially now with the two lens iPhones.

  • nah…

  • pjpo

    – It needs to have a case that fully exposes the end with the connector, so almost no cases work with it.
    – Compared to an RX100, it doesn’t have image stabilization.
    – no zoom. Now, 33mm is right between 28mm and 56mm of the Plus cameras.
    – don’t trust it to shoot single handed only connected by the port
    – A separate RX100 is cheaper.
    + big 1″ sensor with a fast ~35mm. Fastest/longest lens on 1″ fixed lens cameras. Does decent separation for some portraits.
    + super raw for reduced noise
    + instant connection once plugged into the port. No BT or Wifi to enable
    + nearly the same size of a Momentlens wide angle adapter, but flat
    + the phone makes for a lot bigger viewfinder than a camera

  • 1741

    Are they going to make two versions usb B & C

  • Shellbo6901

    they need to go with a total remodel before they expect anyone to waste a dime on it.

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