Macphun Luminar will get a new DAM module in 2018

After the releases of the new cloud-only version of Lightroom, Macphun announced that their product Luminar will be getting a new DAM module (Digital Asset Manager) in 2018. The new functionality will work with both hard drive and cloud platforms (see screenshots above).

Machpun created also a new interactive landing page with some more information about their response to Adobe's recent announcements.

The new DAM will be a free update for all Luminar 2018 owners.

Luminar is also coming soon to Windows (more info available here).

Here is a short video about the new DAM for Luminar:

Here is the full text of Macphun'e email:

After the recent Adobe news about Lightroom updates, we received a lot of questions about our plans for creating a photo manager, so we’d like to shed some light on this.

At the moment we're working on the digital asset manager ("DAM") which will work with both hard drives and cloud storage platforms. It’s going to be the perfect tool for organizing and managing images. Users will be able to run our DAM alongside their LR library and choose which one fits them best.

The new DAM will be added to Luminar in 2018, and will be a free update to everyone who owns Luminar 2018 after it is release. We'll be sharing more details soon, so keep an eye out for them!

Expect some additional information to be released on November 1st.

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  • Vince

    Great news for everyone that is unhappy with Adobe and their ending of the perpetual license for Lightroom. I already am using the Beta version of Luminar, and have just started using the Windows version of Aurora, and am quite happy with both.

  • Les

    Good to see that the competition for LR is heating-up.

    I think Corel’s Aftershot Pro (ex-Bibble) is best in terms of speed, flexibility, and interface, but they are so slow at supporting new cameras that I can only use them for a small portion of my work.

    • surgeon67

      I agree, I like the Corel suite, although no one seems to mention them as an Adobe alternative. They are slow to add new cameras though. I put in a request to add the D850 now, so maybe it’ll be added by the time my camera actually arrives…by next year…I hope.

  • i really tried using this softwares but so far, its a failure to understand all the new keys location where to how to, i even watched the vids, i guess im used to lr so ill stick with it for now, but if they raise the price, im out.

  • Some requests:

    1) Make sure there is a way to import catalogs/develop settings from LR and other DAMs. At least respect XMP and other sidecar files and settings saved in DNG files. You want us to migrate, right? 😉

    2) See how Capture One works, and how it’s unnecessary to switch between “browse” and “develop” modes.

    3) Check out LR’s print layout flexibility. At least some ability to add a border at any location.

    • Alina Woods

      Thank you for the suggestions!

  • Niko PetrHead

    For the moment it’s much too soon to switch : the perpetual licence LR6 won’t explode in flight just now, and I can’t think of switching to something without both the DAM and processing capabilities of LR6.
    I’ll sure stay tuned in, because of course LR6 may eventually get low on fuel and I’ll have to find an alternate… But for now, there aren’t many! Capture One, Aftershot, darktable maybe…
    Or do I get 10 years back in time with PhotoMechanics + any processing program? (NB PhotoMechanics does very, very well the part of DAM it does, but switching between apps just doesn’t cut it for me).

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