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More leaks: first picture of the Sony a7c camera with 28-60mm lens with specifications and pricing

Here is the first leaked picture of the upcoming Sony a7c mirrorless camera with a 28-60mm lens attached and the rumored specifications with pricing (translated):

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More details on the upcoming “new concept” Sony Alpha mirrorless camera (Sony a7c?)

Nokishita leaked some additional information on the upcoming “new concept” Sony Alpha mirrorless camera (Sony a7c?) that will be announced on September 15th:

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Teaser: Sony to announce a “new concept” Alpha mirrorless camera on September 15th (Sony a7c?)

Sony has a new taser about a “new concept” Alpha mirrorless camera that will be officially revealed on September 15th. Stay tuned for more details. You will be able to watch the announcement here:

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Sony introduces new cinema line and teases a new FX6 cinema camera

Today Sony introduced a new cinema line and teased a new FX6 cinema camera: “Existing products in the Sony range will form part of the Cinema Line include VENICE and FX9. VENICE has become a first choice for digital movie production, and the FX9 has an outstanding track record in documentary production. The next step […]

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Sony announced a new LA-EA5 lens adaptor for A-mount lenses

Sony really wants to use your A-mount lenses with an E-mount camera and they even announced a brand new adapter for that purpose. Check pricing and availability at Adorama and B&H. From the press release:

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Rumored Sony a5/a6 mirrorless camera specifications

Here is a set of rumored Sony a5/a6 camera specifications:

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But of course the new Sony a7S III camera has “greatly exceeded expectations” and will be delayed

This is the new norm – the demand for every new product is now “exceeding expectations” and a delay is inevitable, so hurry up and place that pre-order asap. Today Sony Japan posted on their website that the Sony a7S III orders “greatly exceeded our expectations” and I cannot wait for their next financial results to see […]

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