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The Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera is now shipping and the initial feedback is not good

The Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera is currently shipping to existing Kickstarter backers and the first impressions are not good:

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Yashica digiFilm camera update

The company behind the Yashica digiFilm camera released a new video demonstrating the capabilities of the upcoming camera:

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First pictures of the Yashica digiFilm prototype camera

A quick update on the Yashica digiFilm project with the first prototype pictures of the camera:

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Yashica digiFilm camera update

After the initial delay, there are some new updates on the Yashica digiFilm camera project (see on Kickstarter) – new drawings were published online with the finalized designed of the Yashica digiFilm camera Y35:

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The Yashica digiFilm camera is delayed until the end of July

Some updates on the Yashica digiFilm camera that raised over $1.2 million on Kickstarter:

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More questions arise as the Yashica digiFilm project continues to get funded

Several people are questioning the validity of the Yashica digiFilm camera on Kickstarter (currently at $1,100,886 raised) and the last update with some sample photos from the people behind the project added even more confusion – watch the videos for a detailed report:

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Updates on the Yashica digiFilm camera project

After multiple comments online questioning the specs and validity of the Yashica digiFilm project (currently at $1,079,761 raised), a new update was posted on Kickstarter together with some sample photos and videos showing a prototype camera: We have just uploaded 4 videos of our team taking pictures with the Y35 working prototype and those sample pictures taken […]

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