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Olympus E-M1X camera rumors recap

  The Olympus E-M1X MFT camera will be announced on January 24th and 43addict found some additional leaked details on the Chinese social media platform Weibo – here is an updated Olympus E-M1X camera rumored specifications recap:

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More Olympus E-M1X camera teasers

Here are a few more Olympus E-M1X camera teasers (I slightly bumped the shadows from the video screenshots in order to get a better view):

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Second Olympus E-M1X camera teaser

Olympus released their second E-M1X camera teaser:

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Olympus E-M1X countdown

Olympus started a new countdown timer for the official announcement of their high-end Olympus E-M1X MFT camera:

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Olympus E-M1X camera teaser released, official announcement on January 24th

Olympus released a teaser for their rumored E-M1X MFT camera. The official announcement is on January 24th:

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Is that the upcoming Olympus E-M1X camera?

I received the above three pictures supposedly from the upcoming Olympus E-M1X camera (you can see the rumored specifications here). I don’t want to be negative before the camera is officially announced, but I seriously doubt there will be any market for this high-end MFT model. What do you think?

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Olympus E-M1X camera rumors recap

Olympus E-M1X camera rumors recap:

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