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Viltrox lens roadmap

Viltrox published their latest lens roadmap with several new MFT, APS-C and full-frame lenses coming in 2021 and 2022 (click for larger view): Here is a closer view of the upcoming lenses:

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Tokina 2020 lens line-up: new mirrorless lenses for Sony and Fuji plus a new DSLR lens for Nikon and Canon

Today, for their 70th anniversary,  Tokina revealed their 2020 lens line-up with new/upcoming mirrorless lenses for Sony and Fuji and new DSLR lenses for Nikon and Canon (click for larger view):

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Updated Fujifilm X-mount lens roadmap

Here is the updated Fujifilm X-mount lens roadmap:

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Tamron to announce 3 more new lenses in 2020

Tamron announced their latest financial results. In one of the slides, the company reported that they will announce 5 new lenses in 2020. The 20mm f/2.8 and the 70–180mm f/2.8 are already announced which means there will be three more new mirrorless lenses coming this year.

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Updated Fujifilm GFX lens roadmap: new GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR and GF 30mm f/3.5 R WR lenses

In addition to the three new products, Fuji also announces a new GFX lens roadmap with two new lenses: Large-diameter standard Fujinon Lens GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR lens Wide-angle prime Fujinon GF 30mm f/3.5 R WR lens Additional information:

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Updated Olympus M.Zuiko Digital lens roadmap released

Olympus updated their M.Zuiko Digital lens roadmap:

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Leaked: new/updated Nikon Nikkor Z S-Line lens roadmap

NikonRumors published a new/updated 2020/2021 Nikon Nikkor Z S-Line lens roadmap. The new lenses are :

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Updated Sigma L-mount lens roadmap

Sigma updated their L-mount lens roadmap: 2019 20mm F1.4 Art 24mm F1.4 Art 35mm F1.4 Art 50mm F1.4 Art 85mm F1.4 Art 135mm F1.8 Art 2020 14mm F1.8 Art 16mm F1.4 DC 30mm F1.4 DC 56mm F1.4 DC 70mm Macro Here is the Sigma L-mount lens tree:

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