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Besides all the hype, there is still no trace of the Sony a7sIII camera

If you have been following the latest Sony “rumors”, the a7sIII camera should have been announced a long time ago. I had several readers asking me about that model and my response is: besides all the fake hype, there is still no trace or any reliable information on the Sony a7sIII camera. Here is what Kai […]

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The first exclusive leaked picture of the rumored Sony a7S III camera!!!!!

Here is the first exclusive, leaked and a very special picture of the upcoming Sony a7S III camera: The probability of this exclusive and amazing leaked picture to be real is as good as any other BS “rumors” on the Sony a7S III camera you read online (probability ranking: BS1.345685)!!!!! Tomorrow at 16:00 London time […]

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New Sony camera registered in Asia (plus a new Sony sensor for the Sony a7SIII?)

Sony has registered a new camera model in Asia under the code name WW119533 (equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). Could this be the long-awaited Sony a7SIII update? SonyAddict discovered a new sensor that could potentially be used in the Sony a7SIII:

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More fake news: the Sony Alpha Universe Premium event in Japan is for existing cameras

Sony has an event in Japan on October 12th and 13th in Tokyo. Some fake news/clickbait websites cut out the portion of the banner that says this event will be for the already announced Sony APS-C cameras and the a7RIV and presented it as an upcoming Sony announcement. Here is a Google translation of the […]

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No joke: another Sony camera is “rumored” to be announced “in 2 weeks”

A new Sony camera is always two weeks away… Sony has press conferences scheduled for September 5th (IFA) and September 13 (IBC) and expectations are again running high. Of course, we don’t have any leaks or anything worth reporting… stay tuned in case something really gets announced this time.

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Sony has registered a new camera under the code name WW942051

A month ago Nokishita reported (also covered here on PhotoRumors) that Sony registered a new camera under the code name WW942051 (with 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). There is no indication if this will be a high-end model or just a regular point and shoot. SonyAddict speculates that this registration could be for the Sony a7S […]

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Sony manager confirms again Sony a7S III camera is still in development

Reliable rumors about new Sony cameras are basically non-existent and the only way we get small bits and pieces of information for upcoming producsts is from press interviews with Sony executives. Here is what Sony manager Yosuke Aoki said in a recent interview in China about the Sony a7S III mirrorless camera (Google translated):

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