More detailed Sony α55 specs

After yesterday's post, even more details Sony α55 specs showed up on DCHome:

  • 16.7 megapixel APS CMOS
  • 15 points AF system
  • Center ***triple cross*** sensor
  • ***Double cross*** sensor x2 at left/right
  • 12 normal sensor(F5.6)
  • Full HD 1080 60i
  • Translucent mirror inside, can reflex light during power on
  • Translucent mirror can be open to clean the sensor
  • EVF super-clear, specific unknown pixel, image quality is only worse than the A900 only
  • 10FPS continous shooting with AF
  • AFC just like Nikon’s 3D tracking system – fast and reliable
  • SONY claims that would be better than 50D’s AF
  • SUPER FAST AF speed at center point
  • ISO100-25600, ISO6400′s noise just like a900′s ISO400
  • Support NEX’s hand-held night shot(Multi-shot)
  • Support a700′s Quick Navi access mode
  • Support DOF, however EVF becomes dim during small aperture
  • Use NEX3/5 battery
  • a55 priced at about 900-1000USD
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  • reD

    Specs are sooo cool that i can’t believe that Sony made camera like THAT.

    If it is true – then canonikon in that segment is dead.

    • ed

      sony is pretty well known for on paper specification only tho

      • sloma_p

        Moreover pellix will suck some light coming trough the lens so the high ISO will be worse than Nikon cameras using the same sensor. I also doubt that EVFs will ever fully replace OVFs as seeing actual subject (not its projection) is very important to some.

      • Tomra

        A850 is not only on specs good. It is miles away better then 5D MkII in everything xcept video

        • John

          A850 is only on specs good. It is miles away from 5d MKII in everything including video.

          • Tabitha Green

            A850 is kind of dog in apart from IQ. 😐

  • PTG

    ISO6400′s noise just like a900′s ISO400 I guess this is a typo, it should read “ISO 6400” both times.

    • Sky

      A900 sucked in high iso, if you haven’t noticed 😉 IMHO it won’t be anything special – there are already cameras which offer this level of technological progress if you pixel-peep images.

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