First pictures of Sony a33 & a55

The first pictures of the Sony a33 and a55 cameras (see specs here):

More pictures after the break:


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  • vincent

    another entry level…..
    I want A7xx!!!!!!!!

    • Just a Thought

      “another entry level…..”

      Interesting specs for what you call “entry level”:
      # 10FPS continous shooting with AF
      # AFC just like Nikon’s 3D tracking system – fast and reliable
      # SONY claims that would be better than 50D’s AF
      # SUPER FAST AF speed at center point
      # ISO100-25600, ISO6400′s noise just like a900′s ISO400

      Specs indicate a superb sports shooter camera. This is great as every other manufacturer will now have to raise the bar and make 10FPS, Super fast AF and ISO 6400 which looks like ISO 400 available on their “entry level” cameras.

      • vincent

        I want a premium one with body like A700 because handling is an important factor to me.

      • dd

        ISO6400′s noise just like a900′s ISO400

        if that’s true, it will outperform d3s.

      • ya and all the manufactures had to match sonys dirt cheap full frame gorgeous 24mp camera… at right around and often under two grand.

        that hasent happend yet either cause no one is buying sony.

  • Kevin

    Overall, I like what I’m looking at. It’s a shame it’s not very tripod friendly, though, with the bottom hinging LCD and, apparently, the memory card access on bottom.

  • Young

    Those are mix between a390 and H5.
    The LCD look 3:2 that’s nice.

  • Anonymous

    Iso 6400 looks like Iso 400 from A900…… hard to believe…. but if it’s true 🙂

    • Sky

      NEX5 shots at ISO6400 look nearly as good as these from A900 at ISO400.
      So… it won’t be anything really that new. It’s just that A900 sucked when it came to high-ISO noise.

      • Sky

        (pixel-peeping of course. if you downscale images from A900 to NEX5 resolution than it’s entirely different, but at 1:1 pixel it’s the way it is now)

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it should read ISO 400 looks like ISO 400 from A900.

  • Sky <- size of NEX5 vs A33 vs old A350 (which is smaller than A550 but larger than A390).
    Enjoy 🙂

    • Tabitha Green

      Until I get a SLR or EVIL that fits into an Altoids box, I will never be happy.

      • Zaph

        Pfft, Altoids boxes are HUGE.

  • Mark

    The photo of the a33 and a55 is _exactly_ the same photo with different numbers on the body. Are they even real?

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