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Hassleblad will no longer produce rebadged Sony cameras


In a recent interview with dpreview, Hassleblad’s CEO Perry Oosting said that they will stop producing Sony rebadge products like the Lusso, Stellar, Lunar, HV and Solar  (dpreview said they “need to be exorcised”). The Hasselblad Lusso was an exception – it will be available only in Asia (Hong Kong) and it’s a limited edition with fewer than 100 units produced. BTW, the Hassleblad Stellar line […]

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Hasselblad HV camera with 24-70mm lens is now $8,000 off


After the Stellar and Lunar massive price drops, it is now time to “fire sale” the Hasselblad HV camera – the 24-70mm kit version is currently $8,000 off! The just announced Lusso is next to get a huge price drop.

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Hasselblad Lusso is just another Sony rebadge

Hasselblad Lusso mirrorless camera

After the Stellar, Lunar, HV (Solar?) it seems that Hasselblad is still in the business of rebadging Sony products and selling them for ridiculous prices. The new Lusso is the company’s latest creation. You can find the camera’s manual here. I thought that with the last CEO change, Hasselblad will stop producing the “worst camera of the year”. The Lusso trademark […]

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This is the new Hasselblad A5D aerial camera

Hasselblad A5D aerial camera

Hasselblad got a new A5D aerial camera. Here are some of the new features: Reduced foot print designed to fit existing POD mountings Up to 14 stops Dynamic range ( depending on sensor) Improved external connectivity via LEMO connections for DC power, FMS and multiple camera synchronisation Secure camera mounting via 4x M4 screws Choice […]

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Another Hasselblad Stellar camera price drop


The price of the Hasselblad Stellar camera dropped by another $100 to $895 (was $999.99 before). Only the black carbon fiber version is still listed at $999.99 for some reason. I hope Hasselblad learned their lesson

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Fire sale: the Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera is now $5,500 off


The Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera is now $5,500 off, or $1,495.00 at B&H: The Hasselblad Lunar (limited edition) was voted the worst camera of 2014. The Lunar is based on the Sony NEX-7 model that currently sells for $498. More Lunar coverage is available here.

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The Fotodiox cherry wood camera grip will transform your Sony RX100 III into Hasselblad Stellar


Fotodiox now sells a “Pro” cherry wood camera hand grip that will make your Sony RX100 III look like the Hasselblad Stellar. The price? Only $49.95 – a small price to pay to make your camera look like the 2013 worst camera of the year. Additional information:

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