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The latest news for April 1st, 2022

Ricoh/Pentax is rumored to announce a new set of Pentax D FA “Gold Edition” lenses. Do you remember the Leica Toom camera? First leaked picture of the upcoming Nikon Speednight flash specially designed for Z9 cameras. Fujifilm Instax XPAN printer announced. Sony to introduce the A1 for left-handed people.

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What else is new? (April 1st edition)

Fujifilm rumored to announces a new GFX 645 disposable camera. Venus Optics is coming with a new super-wide 4mm f/1 FF RL “Zero-Distortion” fool frame lens – see the details at the official online store. Yongnuo is coming with a specially designed lens rice cooker – pre-orders are now open at Adorama, Amazon, and B&H. […]

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Kodak rumored to release a new mirrorless camera

After the Kodak One cryptocurrency didn’t go as expected and the $765 million government loan was put on hold, Kodak is rumored to be looking for new sources of executive bonuses by “going back to its roots“, changing its iconic logo, and jumping into the mirrorless market with a new camera system. Kodak’s CEO was reportedly […]

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What else is new today?

→ Joe McNally switches to Canon → Nikon rumored to announce a new instant camera → Nikon’s first left-handed camera → Samsung to join the mirrorless camera market with a new NX2 camera. → Nikon ZNG camera press release leaked online

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Sony gives up and quits camera business, CEO says they can no longer compete with Nikon and Canon

Today Sony officially announced that it will withdraw from the camera business. Sony’s CEO was quoted saying that his company can no longer compete with Nikon and Canon: In a shocking interview with Nikkei, Sony’s CEO announced that his company is pulling out of the camera business. The main reason for the move has been […]

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Recap of all the new products we saw today

A lot of interesting rumors today: → Leica M10 Vegan limited edition camera → Pentax M-1 microwave equipped with a camera, Wi-Fi and LTE modules → Nikon D850 luggage → The new Joyart Arton G 35 mm T2.8 is the lens with a universal lens mount → RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition → Contax digital rangefinder camera […]

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Breaking: Contax digital rangefinder camera to be announced at Photokina (pictures, specifications and more)

This information about a new Contax digital rangefinder camera is coming from a very good source that has been correct in the past – it seems that the leaked screenshots are coming from a manual/brochure document. The new camera will have a hybrid viewfinder (similar to the one found in the Fuji X-Pro 2) and […]

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The new Joyart Arton G 35mm T2.8 is the first lens with universal mount

The new Joyart Arton G 35mm T2.8 is the first lens with universal mount – users will be able to switch between Sony EF, Sony E, Sony A and MFT: Technical specifications:

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