Top 10 PhotoRumors posts for June 2014

Sony a7 camera test at DxOMark Panasonic-LX7Adobe-Lightroom-logo
Apple-Aperture-software  Sigma-DP2-Quattro-compact-camera New-Sony-curved-sensor
These are the top 10 PhotoRumors posts for June 2014:

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Pentax 645z, Hasselblad HV, Sony a7s and Sigma dp2 updates

The Pentax 645z medium format camera is now shipping and it currently in stock at Ace Photo (the old model is currently $2,000 off).

The Hasselblad HV is also now shipping and is currently in stock.

The Sony a7s camera is now in stock and B&H is offering a new trade-in program that can get you 15% off the price of any a7 model.

The Sigma dp2 Quattro camera will start shipping on August 11th. Sigma is offering a new program where you can test the new dp2 camera. More information is available here.

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The latest patents from Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon and Tamron

→ Fujifilm filed a patent for a Optical Viewfinder with Built-in Zoom.
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm f:2.8 lens patent Olympus-M.Zuiko-Digital-12-40mm-f2.8-lens-patent
→ Olympus filed a patent for a 12-40mm f/2.8 (24-80mm equivalent) and 12-50mm f/2.8-4.0 (24-100mm equivalent) lenses designed for Four Thirds.

Olympus reversible lens patent
→ Olympus filed a patent for a reversible lens that can also be used for macro photography.

Panasonic 150mm f:2.8 lens for Four Thirds patent
→ Panasonic filed a patent for a 150mm f/2.8 lens for Four Thirds (300mm equivalent).

→ Canon filed a patent for a 1.03x viewfinder designed for APS-C cameras.

Canon five layer sensor patent
→ Another interesting patent from Canon - a five layer sensor (with red, green, blue, UV and IR layers).

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Best day ever for Adobe: Apple to stop the development of Aperture

Apple-Aperture-software reports that Apple will stop the development of Aperture, their image processing software:

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Fujifilm released a firmware update for ten of their cameras

Yesterday was all about the new Nikon D810 camera and you may have missed the news that Fujifilm released new firmware updates for ten of their cameras:

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New firmware for the Pentax K-3 camera coming in July

Pentax will announce a new firmware update for the K-3 DSLR camera in early July that will include a fix for the mirror flutter problem and a new diffraction correction feature that is already available in the new 645z.

Via Digicame-info

Update: Adorama is currently offering up to $150 and $200 off the Pentax K-3. Use coupon code PENTAXJUNE at checkout.

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The latest Canon patents

Canon multi lens camera patent
Canon multi lens camera patent 2
Canon filed a patent for a compact camera with multiple lenses mounted on a rotating ring.

Here are the latest Canon lens patents filed in the past few weeks:

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