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Pentax Q price drops almost 40%

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When the Pentax Q was announced a year ago, the price for a kit with a lens was set at $800 which was pretty high considering the camera’s specs. After the recent Pentax lens price increase, the price of the smallest mirrorless camera dropped by almost 40% to $499. The two lens kit now sells for […]

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MS Optical Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 lens for Pentax Q mirrorless camera

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This is a prototype of the Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 lens for the Pentax Q mirrorless camera by MS Optical. Miyazaki san, the man behind MS Optical, has created some unique lenses in the past (for example the Perar Super Triplet 28mm f/4 and the 3.5/35mm f/3.5 lenses for Leica M-mount). Read the entire story at the Japancamerahunter (more […]

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Lens roadmap for Pentax 645 and Q mounts

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After the K-mount, Pentax released also the 645 mount roadmap that reveals a new wide (24-45mm), standard (45-90mm) and tele (90-200mm) zoom lenses to be announced in 2013 or later. The Pentax Q mount roadmap shows plans for a new 80-300mm telephoto and 15-35mm wide zooms, a telephoto prime and a mount cap lens (pinhole lens):

Pentax 645 mount lens roadmap
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Pentax K to Q lens mount adapter prototype shown in Japan

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DCWatch has a report on the first public showing of the Pentax K to Q mount lens adapter from Osaka, Japan. The adapter will allow you to use Pentax K-mount lenses on the new Pentax mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The Pentax Q (priced at $799.95) has a 5.5x crop factor which will turn a 60-250mm lens into a 330-1375mm monster. The shown […]

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Leaked Pentax document indicates that there may not be a second mirrorless camera

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This upside down PDF document contains Q&A on the freshly released Pentax Q camera. Some of the answers indicate that there may not be a second mirrorless camera from Pentax this summer. I did express this concern in previous posts – the Pentax NC-1 and Pentax Q were probably different names for the same camera.  Here […]

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Pentax Q camera, lenses and viewfinder now available for pre-order

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The new Pentax Q camera, lenses and viewfinder are now available for pre-order at Adorama: Pentax Q + 47mm f/1.9 lens black Pentax Q + 47mm f/1.9 lens white Pentax 3.2mm f/5.6 fisheye lens Pentax 5-15mm f/2.8-4.5 zoom lens Pentax 18mm f/8 lens Pentax 6.3mm f/7.1 wide angle lens Pentax Q viewfinder O-VF1 for 46mm lens

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Pentax Q is now official

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The Pentax Q mirrorless camera is now official. Here is a hands-on video from Engadget:

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The front view of the Pentax Q mirrorless camera

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  This is a better image of the Pentax Q mirrorless camera. See the detailed specs in my previous post.  

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Pentax Q: World’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens digital camera

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Here are the full details on the Pentax Q camera: The Q represents an evolution in interchangeable lens digital camera design, featuring the world’s smallest and lightest body. Experience the PENTAX Q. The Camera. Evolved. Q-Mount Lens System The Q features the newly designed PENTAX Q-mount lens system for convenient interchangeability with a variety of […]

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The back of the Pentax Q camera that will be announced in few hours

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Several readers sent me this image and I am not sure what is the original source: the back of the new Pentax Q camera that will announced in few hours. The price of the camera will be $799.95. Update: it seems that the source of the image is the Chinese forum Xitek.

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