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Kodak film price increas in Japan


Kodak will have another film price increase in Japan effective on February 4th:

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Another Fuji film price increase

Fujifilm price increase

Fuji announced today another price increase on color negative film, color reversal film, black and white film and quick snap. Stock up now before the price increase kicks in on April 2014. Here is the press release:

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Hasselblad lens price increase coming on October 1st

Hasselblad H system lenses price increase

On October 1, 2013 Hasselblad will increase the price of their H system lenses due to higher manufacturing costs (maybe the real reason is to cover the losses from the Lunar and Stellar cameras). Here are the details: Until Sept. 30th Starting Oct. 1 Item Number Product Description Current MSRP New MSRP H-3023024 HCD 24mm […]

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Fujifilm price increase on photographic film coming to the US on July 1st

Fujifilm price increase

Fujifilm North America officially announced that the previously reported 20% worldwide price increase on photographic film will take effect in the US on July 1st, 2013:

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Major Canon DSLR and lens price increase coming tomorrow (UPDATED)


Update: I think there was a misunderstanding in the information I received – there is no Canon price increase coming tomorrow, just that some of the rebates are expiring and Canon (just like Nikon) is starting to enforce their MAP pricing, which will lead to a price increase. Starting November 1st, 2012 (tomorrow) Canon will increase their prices […]

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Fujifilm’s 20% price increase on films now official in the USA


The details about Fujifilm’s price increase on black and white, color negative, and color reversal films in the US are now official: 20% across the line starting from August 1st, 2012. If you still shoot film, stack up now from B&H or Adorama!

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Fuji to increase the price of film on May 20th


Starting May 2012 Fuji will raise the price of film. The price increase will be “substantial” and in some cases would be in the double digits. The impacted films are: color negative films, color reversal films, black and white films, and quick snap. Read the entire statement on fujifilm.com. You you are using Fuji film, you better stack […]

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