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Sony lenses SAL1870 & SAL55200 discontinued?

Sony DT 18-70 F3.5-5.6 and Sony DT 55-200 F4-5.6 lenses are added to the archived items on the Sony Singapore website: Is a replacement coming out soon? Via Photogenius

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Fujifilm rejuvenates the instant camera, axes 5000 jobs

This summer Fujifilm will brings back the instant camera with the Instax 210 model and axes 5000 jobs at the same time (source).

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SONY 80-200F1.4 G SSM Lens?

Rumors on this lens have been floating around all over the place. Here are some picture (click for high res): I vote fake on this one. Via Visualimo

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Pentax K-7 – “Enjoy waiting”

Some more Pentax K-7 pictures:   Via PentaxForum

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Ricoh in financial trouble, but ethical

Ricoh’s net profit fell by almost 94% (ouch!). Sales in other category, which includes the digital camera business, fell by 13.9%. At the same the article reminds us that Ricoh was selected as one of the world’s most ethical enterprises which actually explains why they had a bad quarter.

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New Pentax K series countdown

There is a compilations of small pictures on flickr combining all rumored detailes for the expected Pentax K7: At the same time there is a countdown to the announcement on Pentax website in Spain:

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Pentax K-7 specs leaked

Camera Name: Pentax K-7 (It Is “K Hyphen Seven” – *No* “D” Letter and *With* the Hyphen) Dimensions (by Measurement, Not Factory Specs): 96mm (H) x 130.5mm (W) x D1-D3**D1 = 67.5mm, from Flange to Grip Rear *D2 = 74.5mm, from Grip Front to Grip Rear *D3 = 76.5mm, from RTF Front to Grip Rear Remark: Neck Strap […]

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Ned Bunnell on the future of Pentax DSLR

This is straight from Ned Bunnell’s blog (President of Pentax Imaging USA): “Square sensor and full frame??? Executives in Japan have said we’ll release a model this summer that is more advanced than the K20D, and that we have re-started development of the 645D which is expected to be released in 2010. When asked about full frame […]

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