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Pentax K-7 goes limited

Only 1000 pieces will be produced. Expected release date: March 13, 2010. Full press release after the break:

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Pentax K-7 user manual now online

Uploaded personally by Ned Bunnell (President of Pentax Imaging USA): K-7 User Manual Via Imaginginsider

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Pentax K7 final version will have a modified sensor

“Amateur Photographer (AP) has delayed its review of the Pentax K7 digital SLR after learning that the final version will include a modified imaging sensor.” There must be a reason for this last moment modification and every pre-production Pentax K7 review should be “voided” at that point. I cannot recall another company making such a […]

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Norway will end up only with one Pentax DSLR (K7)?

The confusion about the different Pentax product lines continues. Just few days after the official statement from Pentax UK, the Norwegian importer Aronsen states that it will no longer acquire any K20D and offer the K7 instead. The Km is also on the way out, which along with the phasing out of the K200D would mean that in […]

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Pentax K7 is not a replacement for the Pentax K20D

There was a report at one point that the new Pentax K7 is a replacement for the Pentax K20D. A Pentax UK spokeswoman confirmed to Amateurphotographer that “The K7 is not replacing the K20D.”

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Pentax K-7 official, available for pre-order

Update: Pentax K-7 now available for pre-order also from Adorama. Here is the official press release (web site is currently down). Available for pre-order @ Amazon:

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Pentax K-7 release delayed by 15 hours, more leaks

15 hours were added to the official Pentax K-7 counter and now the website is down… In the mean time – more leaks from Germany:

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Latest on the Pentax K-7 EVF

This looks like a confirmation of the previous Pentax electronic viewfinder rumor. This graph was part of the Pentax NDA before it “leaked”: Here is an explination from a PentaxForum member: “There is a transparent LCD at the last face of the pentaprism that lets the reflex mirror do its traditional job of letting light through […]

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