Pentax K7 final version will have a modified sensor

"Amateur Photographer (AP) has delayed its review of the Pentax K7 digital SLR after learning that the final version will include a modified imaging sensor."

There must be a reason for this last moment modification and every pre-production Pentax K7 review should be "voided" at that point. I cannot recall another company making such a drastic change in the last moment.

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  • I really hope the changes are small, else it would be a really bad move by Pentax. Will have to rewrite the review.

  • Alex

    It is a good move for Pentax, you had no right to make a review until the final product was on the market.

  • Rick

    IMO either this was planned and the pre-prod cameras used beta sensors to get some cameras out to testers or they’ve responded to some complaints (high iso? AF/iso/shutter speed change in movie mode?) and miracously come up with a quick solution.

  • rwpl

    Or its just a marketing trick to get people interested in the new K7.

  • Alex

    No, I think Samsung pulled out a new sensor which is better than the old one and Pentax want’s to make K-7 even better, to be the best APS-C camera on the market.

  • NikoDoby

    Pentax realized they had been mounting the K7’s sensor on backwards!

    • Rick

      yeah, from now on they’ll write “this side up” on all sensors

  • helper

    It ist the new back-illuminated CMOS from sony

  • Bod

    If Pentax put a modified sensor in the K7, don’t they also have to alter drastically the firmware? Considering the importance of the latter, I wonder how Pentax could have their camera ready by July. Hopefully the K7 will perform better in the end but I am a bit worried about the first version.

  • “There must be a reason for this last moment modification”

    Can you say CA?

    I am quite frankly appalled by the high levels of CA on my Pentax K20D.

    I am not saying that this *is* the reason that they are modifying the sensor but I sure hope it is. . . My K20D is reserved for telephoto APO lens use only as a result of the horrendous CA that shows up even at 30mm focal length (or higher) and gets progressively worse as the FL gets wider.

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