Samyang 8 mm f/3.5 Aspherical IF MC fish eye for Nikon

Update: here is a review of this lens.


Samyang 8 mm f/3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye lens is designed for APS-C image sensor. It creates images with an expanded perpective, including images with a creatively deformed outlook and a sharp pan focus that extends throughout the entire frame. By offering 180 degree angle of view, this fisheye lens ca be used to create amazing image expressions that cannot be seen with the human eye, such as exaggerated perpective and disortion. The minimum shooting distance and large depth of field gives new meaning to close-up shots.


Brand: Samyang

Model: 8 mm f/3.5 Aspherical IF MC

Lens type: Fish-eye

Focal lenght: 8 mm

Angle of View: 180 degrees

Minimum Focusing Distance: 0,3 m

Number of diaphragm blades: 6

Autofocus: none

Optical Construction: 10 Elements in 7 Groups

Fitler thread: none

Available mounting: Canon, Nikon, KM/Sony, Pentax/Samsung

Dimensions: 75 x 74,8 mm

Extra feature: 1 aspherical lens, build-in lens hood

This lens will be available in may 2009.

Price: EUR 256.22 (around US$ 338)


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  • lblaod


  • Ola

    just to make sure is it FX friendly ?

  • JSV

    Found these images while perusing

    On a D700

    On a DX camera

    Here it is on sale for 450,000W (about 350US)

    If any of those links don’t work, it’s because it’s on a private part of the site (i.e. you have to be a member to access those parts).

    It is a DX fisheye. Strange that they would go this way. Rumor was they were working on a 50mm f1.4, or that the 17mm would be coming…I guess they’re a company that likes to surprise people on many fronts…

    I do hope they eventually make a 17mm lens…would be a nice angle to play with on DX format.

  • Edgar

    8 mm is a weird focal distance for a DX fisheye. This looks like a full frame (in the original sense: it fills the frame) fisheye. Circular fisheyes do not have a hood. Theoretically, the focal distance of a full frame DX fisheye should be, depending on the fisheye projection:
    7.1 mm (for a stereographic projection)
    9.0 mm (equidistant projection)
    10.0 mm (equisolid angle projection)
    14.2 mm (orthographic projection).

    The Nikon DX fisheye in 10.5 mm and claims to provide an equisolid angle projection (close enough to the theoretical 10.0 mm). This one seems to have an odd projection somewhere between stereographic and equidistant. This may be a good thing, since the stereographic projection is arguably the most pleasing for photography.

    It would be interesting to compare pictures of the same scene taken with both the Nikkor and this one.

  • Joe
    • admin

      thanks – I will add it to the post

  • oogabooga

    Judging by the photos of the lens mount, it appears that this lens also has no CPU contacts, so it’s only truly useful on a D200 or higher.

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