More info on the 3 new Sony DSLR models leaked

The leak this time came from This page was translated by Google - that's why the English is a bit odd (click on image for larger view):


Here is the chronology on this rumors.

Via Photoclubalpha

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  • Anonymous

    The question now is when?

    • SonyMan

      It should be next week – if they updated their websites already.

  • BrianO

    No video? Interesting, I wonder how that bodes for the rumor of the D400 using the 380’s sensor.

    • I was surprised too about the video. That means that they have another set of DSLR coming soon with video. I haven’t heard about the D400 using the 380 sensor.

      • AZ

        It happened before, so why shouldn’t this happen with d400 – 14.2Mpx in d400 will be fine with me.

  • Kilrah

    The English looks way too poor, no further details about the different models… to me something had a lot of fun faking that one.

    • Yes, this was google translated from Russian and then the screenshot was taken, so the bad English makes sense.

  • I’m teenager in Korea. 🙂 I’m interested in Photograph.
    I want to buy a230. ..^^

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