Samsung GX-30 DSLR camera to be released next month (June)

I got reliable information that Samsung will release its next DSLR camera next month (June 2009) - the model number most probably will be Samsung GX-30 (successor of the Samsung GX-20 model).


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  • Rokkor on!

    So, is it a rebadged K-7?

    • don’t know yet….

    • kota


  • Dennis

    looks like it is not… no dedicated AF-assist… looks different at least

  • Dennis

    yep, it’s just a picture of GX-20

  • ddd

    뻥좀 치지좀 마세요.

    please, don’t tell a lie.


    • No, it is not a lie – it is a rumor. If you know something I don’t, please let me know.

  • Rocky

    Well… Neither Pentax nor Samsung would do it.

    The perspective of Pentax, Pentax put significant efforts and now they see K-7 is expected short stock for a while, so they would not share the benefits with Samsung at this moment.

    The other hand, per Samsung, they are now concentrating NX series which will be on the market in next few months. Samsung needs to focus how to get the NX series settle down on the market. So, Samsung wouldn’t want to scatter their resources at this moment.

    • Rocky

      I mean if it is rebadged K-7.

  • 검객

    글세요 나오면 좋지요 . .

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