Sony a500 and a550 coming soon?


Sony a500 fakery

The web site offers some interesting choices when you attempt to register your new Sony camera:



click for larger image

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Many Sony fans were disappointed when the last set of new DSLRs did not have any video capture. I think we can be certain that the Sony a500 and Sony a550 will have video recording capabilities.

Via Dyxum

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  • oogabooga

    By “Sony fans”, you mean artless nerds who get off on complaining about things they’ll never buy?

  • Jesse Bouldin

    That is totally fake because the new A230, A330, and the A380 just has been released about 3 days ago and they have a different body style. Besides, if it is a “A500 or A550”, then the megapixels will also be higher than 11.2 because the A350 is like 14.2. So that is a fake, and made up rumor.

    • Did you go to Sony’s website and and check it for yourself? I did, so don’t blame me – blame Sony for this rumor. Regarding the a500 picture, yes it is fake.

    • PE

      Surely you can see the difference between 11.2 and 17.2? And what about the text “Sony a500 fakery” below the picture?

      By the way, the a500’s are on the way. Trust me on this.

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