Picture of Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Third camera finally leaked

As reported earlier, the name will be E-P1:



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  • Human

    I just ripped my pants.

  • rwpl

    looks like 10$ toy :/ nothing like leica…

  • fLUO

    If they or panasonic produce a pancake(ish) lens which is a little faster than the one in the picture (something more like a 20mm 1:2.0 or faster) I’m in!

  • Leandro Federsoni

    Where is the flash pop-up? For me there is not flash is a bad news.

  • I like the focal length of the lens, but I would prefer an f/1.7 like my old Yashica rangefinder. F/2.8 on this sensor will make depth of field and low light utility a potential weakness. This camera fully has my attention and I’m holding off upgrading my DSLR until this picture (no pun intended) becomes clearer. Kudos to Olympus. I love what they and Panasonic are doing these days!

  • zygh

    scr3w le!ca 😀 the oly is sweet looking. a new chapter in digital photography has started. oly should have done this years ago. digi pen-f all the way!

  • Looks like a cross between my Olympus Trip and Leica D-Lux4.
    Might get one for the times when I don’t want to carry my K20D around.

  • I saw this one,today! It’s white body. Maybe it’s not MOK,I think.

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