E-P1, DP1, LX3, G10, P6000 size comparison



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  • If noise isn’t too bad I’m considering one of these micro 4/3… I can’t stand anymore the weight of my camera bag

    • zygh

      exactly. give me iso1600 6mp images at least as clean as the d40’s and i’m game. add that to internal stabilization and the panny 20/1.7 and it’s a fabulous street kit/low light shooting.

  • How exactly did you get the scale right? This sort of image is only useful if you actually have all five cameras stacked on top of one another or having photographed them separately with exactly the same camera/lens/distance. I can make an ant scale up to an elephant and have exactly the same number of pixels in the image.

    • regular

      with the flash shoe

    • This was not done by me – I found it online, as it says in the source. Of course the scale will not be right until you have the real dimensions of the camera, but I still find this interesting.

  • m4/3

    When I first saw the ep-1 it looks like it will be considerably larger than this class of compact. But after seeing this I am very interested to see its size for real… Would I be correct in saying that this is considerably smaller than the G1?

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