Olympus E-P1 official

Here are some links (I will updating this list as the day progresses):

Pre-order options:


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  • NikoDoby

    This is but the beginning. Photography is about to under go another transformation as it did from film into digital. The next generation of cameras will continue to blur the lines between still/video and SLR/point & shoot. I really like the idea behind the E-P1 but I just hope it can deliver on image quality. Don’t disappoint me Olympus!

    • Anonymous

      this but the begining….??????? another transformation…????? the next generation……????????//???????????

      what are you talking about…..??? olumpus was more than clear…. the idea belong back to , i dont know exactky when with the pan f, a half frame film camera, and now we have a digital version with same crop factor ( 2x)…..they even copy part of the design, ofcourse such cameras are more than welcome ( compact with good iq)
      most of the bing companies could have done this at least five years before( nikon, canon, olymmpus,….)
      so why people get so excited…??? sigma did it already..ok with some limitations but consider the diference between sigma and the BIG COMPANIES

      • BrianO

        Your comment is unreadable.

        • Anonymous

          WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

  • just123

    Is the lens mount different from the regular olympus 4/3 mount?

  • vam

    yes it’s different, needs an adapter to use the 4/3 lenses.

    the e-p1 is really promising, my only issue is the af speed which they say didn’t improve much (hope that’s not true). and i’m really looking forward to the 20/1.7 pencake.

    • Dan

      Looks great – I wish they’d offer a kit with both lenses. The Panasonic Micro 4/3 lenses are very expensive on Amazon (while the Olympus lenses are very reasonable) – does anyone know why? The Panasonics are seemingly ordinary variable aperture zooms (I know that one of them is the video lens from the GH1, which is known to be expensive), but they are $700 to $1700 each, not $200-$300. Could the rest of these not be Micro 4/3 lenses at all, but Leica lenses that Panasonic has been selling with some of their conventional 4/3 bodies? They have sold a couple of lenses that were designed and manufactured in cooperation with Leica (therefore very expensive), that outperform their sensors by wide margins.

  • Amazon lists the name of this camera as “Olympus PEN E”. Heritage or not, that name will need to be changed in some markets. “Pene” means “penis” in Spanish and in Italian…

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