Photoshopped Olympus E-P1 with built-it flash and EVF

Photoshopped E-P1 with a built-in flash and EVF:

click for larger view

click for larger view

Source: dpreview

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  • A mock up is something done phisicly to test a shape or form in real life. often in wood or other materials that are easy to form. This is clearly a photoshop edit, so therefor not a mockup

    • to clarify

      When you say its a mock-up, you imply its something done by Olympus as a test model because no one other than Olympus (or designers working for olympus) will ever be doing mock-ups of oly cameras. The editor of this photoshop mixture posted it on Dpreview and said he did it him self. So really i dont know where all the Mock-up talk started, but its misinformation IMO.


      • fair enough – changed to “Photoshopped”

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