Samsung GX30 specifications: built-in GPS, double SD slots, AMOLED display


Samsung GX30 full specifications sheet (not confirmed yet):

-Magnesium alloy body
-Environmentally sealed (dust and weather resistant)
-CMOS sensor 14.6 effective pixels (15 total pixels)
-ISO 100-6400
-RGB primary color filter
-4 channel data read-out
-Built-in OIS system (Hyper OIS system*)
-Dual Dust Removal system
-DRIM Engine II image processor
-JPEG / DNG / JPEG + DNG image format
-Pentax KAF2 bayonet mount
-11 AF sensors (10 simple-cross AF sensors and center double-cross AF sensor)
-Built-in AF illuminator LED
-AF-S, AF-A and AF-S focus mode
-77 metering zones
-Pentaprism OVF 100% coverage and 0.95X magnification
-Ultra Clear Screen Focus
-High continue shooting 6fps (50 high quality JPEG and 16 DNG)
-Low continue shooting 4fps (JPEG full card and 24 DNG)
-Pop-up flash
-Flash Sync 1/250 (1/200 OIS on)
-3”Intelligent AMOLED 780K** dots swing and tilt display
-Automatic brightness adjustment
-Live View system
-Live View with contrast AF, face detection and tracking AF
-Video HD 720p/30fps (contrast AF available)
-Exposure, ISO and aperture control on video
-USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, HDMI and Video out connectivity
-Built-in GPS
-Double SD/SDHC slots
-Lithium Ion battery SLB-2000***
-Dimensions: 138x100x72mm
-Weight 728gr (no battery)

*Computational based power
**800x600 resolution
***GX10 and GX20 compatible

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  • Alex

    This should be the coolest APS-C camera up to date!

  • rwpl

    Weeelll I analysed the picture and unfortunately it might be faked ( the number 30 in the name Might be photoshoped). 😉

    But Hey! lets not jump to conclusion yet – we’ll see … 😀

    • LOL!

    • Bibz

      It’s definitely not Photoshoped, I would rather say it was mspainted 😉

  • Alex

    In the picture is a GX-20, but that’s not the point, if the camera has the specifications above, it will be a winner!

  • Michael

    Someone with a new ID and no post history posted this link on DPreview forums, and never to be seen again.

    My take is, this post is also made up by the same troll, hoping to torpedo the K-7. Probably some Olympus or (more likely) Sony fan.

    1. NX and GX30 together doesn’t make much sense for Samsung.
    2. The specs are suspicious – it seems to be targeting exactly K-7’s wishlist. Usually this sort of rivalry doesn’t happen between partners.
    3. To support all the features, a battery compatible with the GX-20 doesn’t add up. It’ll probably blow the GX-20, or engage its protection circuit all the time if this new battery is put into old bodies.

    By the way, the lack of a swivelling LCD is a GOOD thing on the K-7 because it uses an IPS LCD, not the usual TN seen almost all other DSLR’s. With a vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees (vs others, 170 degrees at most, with screwed up colours), most advantage a swivelling LCD can give is overcome. Plus, one less moving part.

    • Anonymous

      maybe samsung saw what pentax did wrong and do it better…
      that camera closes the holes in the k-7. If it’s true, we have a winner…6 days to go.

  • Nathan

    No way this is true.
    This is a wishlist someone came up with for what they wished the K7 would be.

  • stdr

    Could be made up by a fanboy.

    Could be true. Samsung is not considered a real camera company by quite a few people. They have only a short history of camera making. Yet they want a big market share. They just have to do better than the competition.

    And most of the things that make this camera amazing are purely electronics. Samsung can do that pretty well.

  • JR

    That’s a pretty impressive spec list!

  • Ep1User

    Are you guys buying a computer or a camera? I wish Samsung the best of luck, but electronics isn’t the key to photography marketshare (as Sony found out). Nice computer/bullet-item specs.

    • Rocky

      You have no idea what Samsung can do.

      – CMOS sensor: Samsung Electronics (K20D, K7)
      – Hi-Speed RAM: Samsung Electronics, No 1 in the world.
      – Flash Memory: Samsung Electronics, No 1 in the world.
      – Custom Semiconductor Fab: Samsung Electronics has.
      – Li-Ion Battery: Samsung SDI, No 2 in the world.
      – AMOLED : Samsung Electronics, No 1 or 2
      – Optic Technology : Samsung Techwin
      – Compact Digital Camera: Samsung, No 3 market share.

      Samsung got involved to develop K-7 in various area. (ex: sensor, imaging pipelines, autofocus systems, metering things and etc.)

      What else now?

  • Dan

    I remember I read about the design of KXXD and GX cameras.
    For K10D/GX10 Samsung only had the 10% of inverstment, but for K20D/GX20 it reached 50%.
    Samsung designed all the electronic device and integration system in both models (K20D/GX20) and Pentax the optics.
    Now a digital cameras are more than 80% electronic device and systems.

  • Tomas

    14.6 pixels – it should be great for taking photos!

  • AZ

    If it’s true, than we have a winner – unless Nikon or Canon gonna show us something better soon.

  • Parci

    khhmmm, 780K dots is NOT 800×600 resolution. simple multiplication, elementary school. 🙁

    780 000 / 3 = 260 000 pixels = 588 x 441 pixels (assuming a 4:3 lcd)

    • stdr

      Maybe that’s why it is an “Intelligent AMOLED” display. 😉

  • 14,6 pixels should be enough for everybody. guess it will be great in high iso (51200+, anyone?).

  • Perry Carmichael

    It is the 7th……. No GX nor NX. Guess it was just a rumor!

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