Fuji F70 EXR point and shoot camera leaks out, nobody cares

Fuji F70 EXR: a new half-inch sensor, 10 megapixel, 27 - 270mm lens. I guess the good news is that sensor size in p&s is to growing.


another picture after the break:



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  • davidk

    Love the title.

  • dyna

    Clearly a Stylus 9000 clone with the EXR sensor under the hood. At least we know the optics will be nice.

    I dunno… I think people should care about what Fuji’s doing. They may not be the loudest company but they can innovate under pressure… and they’ve sure done a number on color processing.

    Of course, they’ve also proven how destructive hypercompression can be. I mean, come on Fuji… give the file some ROOM.

    • Don’t get me wrong – I do care what Fuji is doing, but not in the p&s area – the all look the same to me.

  • Parci

    Since Fuji is permanently out of the dslr game, that means you do not care for 100% of their cameras… 🙂

  • dick

    Give the SuperDuperCCD EXR IIx YZ sensor a permanent 6-8mp. Not this 10 and 12 rubbish.

  • alex

    A half-inch sensor is not so big.
    The 1/1.6″ sensor thta Fuji have used is bigger…

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