Tamron SP 17-50mm f/2,8 XR Di II VC

Tamron just announced a e new lens:


Mount: Nikon, Canon
Length: 26-78 mm (eq. 24x36)
Angle of view: 78 ° 45'-31 ° 11 '
Construction: 19 elements, 14 groups, 2 lenses LD (Low Dispersion)
Openings maximum / minimum: f / 2.8 to 32
Stabilizer: Yes, VC
Minimum Distance Focus: 0.29 cm
Maximum reproduction ratio: 1:4,8
Nb. of diaphragm blades: 7
Attachment size filter: 72 mm
Diameter x length / weight: 94.5 x 79.6 mm / 570 g

Via Focus-numerique

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  • Hey

    Canon just released the new 7D PhotoRumors !

  • Webmonkey

    This is for crop sensors, right???

    • Anonymous

      it is. And I can’t wait to see its high ISO performance 😉

      But I am really grateful for the camera, as it most probably will have an impact on Nikons D300(S). Finally…

      • WoutK89

        What have you been smoking? A lens with ISO performance?

        • Anonymous

          well, I had my share… But, I thought he was replying to the first comment…

    • Rokkor on!

      Yes. APS-C size sensors only. The “DI-II” indicates that the lens is designed for the smaller sensors.

      From Tamron’s Web site: “When pictures are taken with a Di-II lens on a full-size format, image corners become dark (ie., vignetting becomes noticeable).”

  • WT

    This is nowhere to be found outside this site. Not even the Tammy web site has this lens

    • that’s the whole idea, we get the good stuff before everybody else…

    • Rokkor on!

      Press release is posted now on the U.S. site:

  • brotsalami

    So far, only a news on the German website

  • taurui

    Interesting news, I hope they’ll make a 28-75 VC too. Would be a much more interesting lens for me.

    • Anonymous

      Finally, also someone who likes the tele-character of 2x-7x mm on DX!

  • Trevor

    Finally, it has taken the genius from Tanrom to do it. Is it technically that hard for Nikon or Canon to design such a lense. I have been waiting for something llike this… i hope it will as good as there pervious model. Thank you Tamron!

  • Tabitha Green

    I wonder if the optics have been improved or if they’ve just added VC?

    • Anonymous

      As it was quite sharp before, I doubt that one can expect much improvement there. In my opinion the biggest problem with this lens is the quality of the bokeh, which often seemed “turbulent”. I doubt that we see improvements here, as adding VC is a rather big improvement itself. But we’ll see…

  • RMPossible

    This is all fine and good, but they really needed to put their VC on their 70-200 f/2.8 and the their 200-500 long zoom! What is taking them on this?

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