Ritz Camera no longer does business with Sigma (rumor)

This could be based on the rumor that Nikon injected an undisclosed amount of money in Ritz Camera in order to bring it back to life. Maybe this is now Nikon's payday - they will not carry Sigma lenses any longer.

I did a search on Ritz website for Sigma:


Via Nikon Rumors Forum

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  • Nikon4Life

    Good, Sigma is going out of business anyways… They make some good lens, but they are going out of business.

  • tibor

    If what you say is true, this is sad news. I am a NIkon shooter but also still practice 120 format film, and Sigma, despite the high noise level of its sensors, offer unique solutions to reproduce Film colors. (if only they had a FF squared sensor !) I also love the 10-20mm on my Nikon, for a much better price than what big N offers in the same range.

  • JohnL

    What makes you say Sigma is going out of business? I can’t see anything indicating that. And the better value for money many of their lenses offer certainly don’t make that automatically logical… Certainly not good! Completion is usually beneficial the customers.

  • NikoDoby

    A world with only Nikkors and L lenses isn’t a good thing. And a store with only Nikkors is very bad for my wallet.

  • Anonymous Coward

    The ritz camera website is a different entity from the Ritz Camera brick-and-mortar stores. Given that many of their ‘Quantaray’ lenses are rebadged sigma’s, I doubt they’ll be parting ways.

    • Anon

      Indeed, the Ritz Camera Interactive websight still lists the Quantary-badged Sigma lenses: the 18-200, 18-200 OS, and 70-300. I’ll check the warehouse at B&M Ritz tomorrow to see about Sigma there.

  • PHB

    More likely is that Sigma are refusing to supply Ritz, having lost a great deal of money when the stores went bankrupt.

    My understanding is that the Web Site and the stores are different entities after the bankruptcy in any case.

    Given Nikon’s market position, and the fact that the current administration actually believes in anti-trust enforcement, I very much doubt Nikon would be silly enough to force Ritz to drop competing brands.

    Nikon’s interest in keeping Ritz afloat is very clear – they need the stores to demonstrate product even if everyone buys online. Making Ritz less competitive does not support that strategy in any case.

    • dyna

      Nikon’s interest in keeping Ritz afloat stems from the fact that Ritz was one of Nikon’s largest contracts and still remains of high importance where Nikon’s annual take is concerned. Nikon is bleeding. Big time. And not just because Ritz Camera went Chpt 11, it’s because NikonUSA has piss poor financial management. They had arguably the most important releases in the camera market of the last 5 years with the D3 and D700… and they still post massive, massive gross profit losses every year. They’ve cut back product in the field, they’ve slashed credit lines. This going to be Canon’s year. The cycle has been renewed… and Canon and Nikon’s ability to whipsaw the public into making sure only they retain market share is beginning to get frayed. Nikon won’t be able to keep it up. The EOS 7D is Canon’s first direct attack against anything in the Nikon midmarket lineup since the EOS 3 vs. F100 debates… and even then it could be stated that THOSE two didn’t really compete.

      Of the Ritz stores that are left, I’d say another 30 or 40 will have to go… but those remaining after that fact are healthy, with good staff and knowhow. They’ll be all right. As long as Ritz maintains their vision of overhauling the company. We’ll see how THAT goes.

      Nikon pulled all that inventory back for quantification, valuation, and distribution, it’s true… but they also pulled a ton to place with other dealers… that’s why you can find that Gold D60 Ritz Camera exclusive at other retailers now. Nikon couldn’t allow that stuff to be sat upon for too long, they have to make up for the money they threw at Ritz in assisting their buyout of themselves.

      Ritz just pulled one of the great corporate takeovers in history… and it was of their own company. Love this country. LMAO.

  • mo

    would you sell Ritz if they owe you millions of dollars?don,t forget Ritz still owes lot of money to Fuji,Canon,Tocad America and Nikon.i think Sigma doing the wright move,Ritz expanded to much and to quick

    • Ed

      Ritz does not owe Canon or sigma a penny. When you go thru bankrupcy, your debts are erased.

      The only recourse companies like Canon and Sigma have is to demand payment in advance for products if they don’t trust Ritz.

      If Sigma is demanding payment in advance for all those Quantaray lenses, and Ritz wants credit, then we may very well see Sigma disappear from Ritz stores. This is of little interest to many in any event, Ritz is a big time loser and will be gone again in a year or two.

      • dyna

        Incorrect. Ritz will be around for quite a bit longer than that. It is in the manufacturer’s best interests to keep them alive. Ritz will be well taken care of. There will be people like Sigma who will cease business with them or Canon who appears to be dealing out some sort of punitive justice by withholding shipments at this point… but the rest will need Ritz and will assist in propping them up until the issues are fixed or at least are stabilized.

  • Junction

    Well they are def closing more stores. I just watched this poor guy getting laid off on you tube tonight by the ritz company


    • dyna

      LMAO I’d feel sorry for the guy but he’s out on his BOAT. No sympathy LMAO. No, seriously, I managed for Wolf for years and closed two stores personally, and the crew then had no warning, either. The fact remains, however, that this isn’t uncommon, especially in the photo industry which often rides its own fine line of profitably open an unprofitably closed. Mainly due to three factors at this point: 1.) Manfacturer greed: they could make it more profitable to sell their product. They just don’t. However a few people are listening and learning here: Panasonic, Casio, Sony… whose DSC product are far more profitable to sell than anyone else’s and look who are becoming the darlings of photo specialty compact cameras? Too bad no one’s learned with DSLR. Canon and Nikon flat out rip people off to sell their gear because they know the camera stores know that the camera stores MUST carry the product.
      2.) Sadly: mismanagement in the industry itself. People are not making the transition to the modern digital era smoothly, some stores flat out just don’t get it… and they’re gone in a blink. No one’s going to help them but it certainly means that there is less brick and mortar to go to and those that remain open run the risk of being overly snotty about being the only ones still in business.
      3.) The ‘net. Man who loves the internet more than everyone? LMAO well that and price devaluation online in order to maintain market share. Way to put the rest of brick and mortar out of business by allowing people to use DSLR or Camcorder as loss leaders. Saw a D700 body for 1899 the other day. That’s financially impossible but people will attempt to feed that pricing bullspit to the stores and the stores, of course, won’t touch it with a ten foot pole and the uneducated/ignorantashell customer won’t bother to research further. I applaud Sony and their SURE program as it protects the viability of their product for all dealers, guaranteeing profitability at the retailer level, a level playing field for their salespeople to play on and, therefore, proper selling through customer service… NOT the pricepoint. Sony knows that they need brick and mortar to stay alive and they see to it that they are not contributing to its decline. At least in DSLR. Camcorder, though pretty well controlled, is another matter.

      Loss leader beasts like Canon and Nikon could do well to pay attention. Nikon has bled themselves nearly dry in order to gain market share. Canon, flat. What does this all mean for the retailer?

  • Anon

    So I checked the electronic stockbook, and we’re more or less sold out of all Sigmas. The only that remain are Sony mount versions of a couple lenses that probably don’t sell. It seems pretty clear that the Sigma stock won’t be replenished.

    • dyna

      @Anon well considering your company is unquestionably about to partner huge with Sony to fill your Canon gap, I have no doubt you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sell those Sony mount lenses.

  • Shhh it´s a secret.

    An insider source told me that Ritz is sick of dealing with Sigma´s poor quality control which results in a lot of returned items, lots of problems with warranty issues (Sigma saying that is the fault of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, etc. and not their fault so they don´t honor warranties) and in order to keep the level of costumer satisfaction high they are getting rid of Sigma/Quantaray.

    This will be a huge shake for 3rd party manufacturers and they will have to step up their game if they don´t want to follow in the steps of Sigma.

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