Samyang 14mm f2.8 IF ED MC Aspherical

This lens just got announced in Europe (September 16th European time):


"The lens is designed to work both with cameras equipped with a matrix of full frame and APS-C matrix. Its optical structure is based on 14 elements in 12 groups optical. It was equipped with two type-ED lens and two hybrid aspherical elements and high-quality anti-reflection coating. Through such a lens solutions provide the highest quality imaging. The field of view for 35mm cameras with the matrix is 114 degrees, while the APS-C matrix is 92.5 degrees (in the case of cameras from Canon 89 degrees). Minimum focusing distance is 0.28 meters. Will be provided with bayonet systems from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony. Release date in Poland is in November 2009, more information soon on Below is a diagram of construction of optical lens."

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  • Notysarkh

    Samyang lenses are all MF isn’t it ? Although that’s not a problem with such a wide angle 🙂
    The 85/1.4 of the same company was of high optical level, let’s wait to have a review 😉

    • you miss-spelled “high quality”, it should be “in some conditions acceptable but for price not worthy”. besides, what is 85mm with bokeh worse then 80-200

      • this is google translation from Polish, that’s why is in quotes

        • WoutK89

          He wasnt talking about actual translation I suppose

  • Davo

    It says IF so it’s internal focussing?? Not sure what MC stands for.
    Looks promising. Hope the price is kept low.

    • Notysarkh

      MC isn’t for Multi Coated ?

  • Sky

    “highest quality imaging” – ROTFL 😀 😀 😀
    Although they are cheap lenses, cheapest primes in it’s ranges you’ve ever seen, they are far from anything you would call “highest”….

    • John

      If this lens is half as good as the 85 f/1.4, i expect it to kick the Canon EF 14m f/2.8 L:s pricey little butt.

  • Anonymous

    yea looks like i’ll be waiting for reviews. i really hope it’s everything as good as the 85mm is

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