Pentax representative: Full frame Pentax DSLR in 2010

"A Pentax representative told me today at the Paris photo show that Pentax will release a full frame DSLR in 2010."


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  • John

    You know, he COULD be talking about the 645D. It’s a full frame. Kinda.

    • WoutK89

      Arent all cameras out there Full frame then?

      • John

        No? I know what you mean, but crop sensors (as we all know them) are crop sensors. In dslr:s and digital backs.

  • Chris_M

    Is this FF competition going to generate lower prices? I hope so.

    • WoutK89

      And lower end bodies!

      • Chris_M

        Yes. I dream of a D40-like body with FF sensor. I don’t care much about auto-focus motor and other bells and whistles.

  • I hope and pray this is true…. and that i can afford it.

    Even if it is the 645D rather than a 35mm framed camera…

  • fmertz

    Now will this have the same prompt release as the 645? So we can really expect to see it, um, let’s see,…… about 2050? No, that’s probably too soon.

    Considering that Pentax obviously can’t deliver on their long-ago promised 645, why on earth would they now start making empty promises about a FF SLR? Is it that they are not satisfied with merely total destruction of their credibility, they prefer to shoot for complete and utter destruction in perpetuity?

    I call BS. Even if Pentax said it; it ain’t true!

  • Sky

    No way it would be true. How long are they saying “next year you’ll see Pentax FF” ? 5 years? !0 years? This company is a joke when it comes to FF.

  • ken elliott

    And in other news….
    A Pentax offical wonders why everyone stopped buying their current line of dSLRs, after they announced they would have a full-frame model next year. When onlookers mentioned the :”Osborne Effect”, the Pentax official asked “What’s that?”

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