Kodak will bring a “Entirely new type of camera” at CES in January

Kodak is expected to announce an "entirely new type of camera" at CES in January 2010. This rumor is coming from ElectricPig:

"It’s not entirely clear whether Kodak will debut a new category of camera altogether, or a type of camera it has never made before. Could the Big K be about to launch its first ever SLR?"

Via Gizmodo

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  • Derek R

    Kodak “sort of” produced a dSLR a long time ago, in cooperation with Nikon:

  • Webmonkey.dk

    Yes, it was a Nikon body with a fullframe Kodak sensor… long time ago… before Canon…

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it was a whole line of DSLR’s, based on Nikon, Canon and Sigma bodies. Most were DX crop (DX crop originated on the F3-based Kodak DCS/DCS100) .

      The last were the F80-based SLR/n and EF mount but Sigma SA9-based SLR/c, both FF 14MP bodies sharing the same sensor and processing chain (the SLR/n was based on the earlier DCS14, the first FF kodak, and first FF Nikon as well)

  • Darrin

    Here’s a rumor for you: an APS-C (DX?) compact from Kodak:
    (read at the bottom)

    • regular

      Kodak has a strong custom sensor business.

      • Darrin

        True, but most of their sensors are high end and quite expensive, which is probably why very few of their own cameras (DSLRs and P&S) used Kodak sensors.

        I’m wondering if they are going to use the same Sony 12mp DX sensor that Leica is using in their X1 camera… Also, will it be a fixed lens compact like the X1 or an interchangeable lens camera, and if so, which mount will they use?

  • royalan

    I think it’s a digital disc camera which allows 15 images to be captured before you mail it back to Rochester.

  • spam

    It’s a new compact with direct print button

  • NikoDoby

    It’s a camera with a left handed shutter button 🙂

    • 😀
      like this one

  • nathan

    I’m hoping it’ll use the technology that Adobe had where you can pick and choose depth of field AFTER the picture is taken. If I wanted the foreground and the background in focus but not the middle I would be able to do that. Now that would be revolutionary and worth purchasing.

  • nathan
    • Sky

      Nice! This might be it…. hopefully…. hehe, that one could really mess in the photography world, only it has to provide decent image quality, cause I have doubts about that one…

  • Colin

    Maybe they are finally putting decent optical viewfinders back into point and shoots.

  • Bubba Satori

    50MP Easyshare. BOO !

  • Mark

    They even had a stunning 6MP monochrome DSLR in the line-up.

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